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Mania Mania Mania Mania

Mania DVD
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Title: Mania - Secret of Green Tentacle
Genre: Miscellaneous
Credits: MMG

Cover Description: Follow Mania and her boyfriend on their erotic and comic adventure. After escaping multiple abuse (Was it really? It seems that Mania was enjoying it) from the Tenta-Cock god, our heroine has to fight her way through a bunch of horny amazons.

Barely escaping with their lives, they end up in the hands (and on the d!Ck$) of sex starved pirate hoodlums. It's only by using her sexual ability and her humongous pair of tits that Mania manages to escape only to find herself in a new "sex-horrific" situation that we will not reveal.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (10.27.2003)
Looking better...
…but still will never be up to par with any of Gonzo's works, MMG comes up with another digitized animation that puts the word "parody" in another context. I'm sure those of you who've come in contact with Sailor 7, Star BallZ, or Anime Fiction would know what to expect: Badly drawn fan art and an entire DVD of dumb jokes. They just improved a little bit with this new title.

There is, after all, a very visible effort in putting an "original" story into this. You have Mania, who looks suspiciously like Nadia in The Secret of Blue Waters (when did Nadia's chest become so...Lara Croft???), and her bespectacled loser husband John, whom I'm assuming to be a knock-off of Jean from the same afformentioned anime (too bad they didn't make his balls as big as Mania's boobies). Yes, you read right—they're married, even though the DVD cover says they're only bf/gf. Mania gets laid quite often, though rarely with her hubby. The reason? The guy is not only a pathetic loser, but he calls Mania a pervert for wanting to practice her marital rights on him! The hell? As a result, she makes do with mushrooms, sticks, tentacles, amazons, pirates. She starts her horny escapades in an island that deviously resembles a woman's naked body, finds herself the sacrificial non-virgin, escapes to a ship full of lewd uglies, and then ends up in an island that deviously resembles a man's naked body. Rinse and repeat. Throw in a load of tentacles and a whole slew of yuri festivities, headed by none other than Miss Rei Ayanami herself, and you've got yourself a boner.

Have you ever felt like you were living a bad dream that makes you go through an endless labyrinth? This is what Mania feels like. The experience is an ennui-inducing chore armed with monotonous dubbing, ridiculously corny dialogues, and repetitive (and lazily done) art and animation. The hentai scenes don't even appear too…appetizing. If there's another word I'd use, it might as well be "exhausting". Well, at least Mania is an improvement from past MMG presentations, looks-wise, if only for the nice 3D CGs.

Art/Animation: 6 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 9