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Marine A Go Go Marine A Go Go Marine A Go Go Marine A Go Go

Marine A Go Go
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Title: Marine A Go Go
Genre: Comedy
Credits: Kitty Media

Cover Description: Marine is a pretty young girl attending a swanky all girl school. One day, she is beset by the fiendish Dr.Narutaki and transformed into a sleazy maiden. To regain her lost self, she must now must do the unthinkable - have sex with 100 men and collect their sperm. However, she is beset by her rival, the sinister South Pole. She has vowed to stop Marine from achieving her goal at all costs. Who will be the ultimate winner and loser? We'll just have to see who wants it more.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

EvilPants (06.10.2005)
A more suitable name would have been Marine a No No!
Marine a Go Go is 90 minutes of my life that I want back

"I'm Marine I'm here to love and serve, for bright future of Japan I shall take your semen!"

What can I say but wow, I had relatively good hopes for this title considering it was a Kitty release. It's been very seldom if not at all that I've not enjoyed something from Kitty media, but Marine A Go Go is proof that we all make mistakes. The cover art is of Marine decked out in skimpy cosplay orange and white maids uniform that's straining to hold in her amble bust line and the not-so-good doctor Marilyn squatting down with a lab coat covering her unmentionables, in a "the doors open, boys, come on in" pose.

My first impression of Marine A Go Go was that it was supposed to be a comedic spoof of such titles as Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Kikader. It fails in all attempts to be funny except in parts where things are supposed to be serious or suspenseful.

The art and animation in this title range from less than average to down right awful. The first episode looks like it was made in the late eighties, with its grainy texture and washed out color. In the second and third episodes it looks as though someone gave them a tad more money, as things become a tad shinny. I'd rather they improved character designs and story instead of trying for a glossy look.

So here's the plot. Please forgive me as I roll my eyes. Dr. Narutaki has a plan to collect the sperm of the best and brightest of Japan . While peeping on all the girls at the convenient all-girls school next door, he chooses innocent li'l Marine as the receptacle for all that gooey goodness. She's pulled through with the help of a very creepy looking pink turtle. OK, this is supposed to be the Pokemon spoof part. If you've seen the show think of the Squirttle Pokemon, paint him pink and tie a bow around him and you get Pon. This spunky little fella's (at least I think it's a fella) job is to crawl up inside Marine and collect that ever important sperm. I found that to be extremely gross, especially at one point where Marine has just serviced her first guy and when he pulls out we're shown the little guy's mouth latched onto his penis. Had this shown turned me on at all, that would have had me curled up in a ball shivering. And in doing so, while being tucked away up there, he protects her womanly virtue so she'll still be a virgin come her wedding. This effectively calms Marine's fear. Now I'm not an expert on the human body but I'm pretty sure the hymen isn't located in her stomach so it makes no sense to me how that freshness seal stays intact. Of course Marine being the good girl she is, saving herself for marriage, Dr. Narutaki and Marilyn give her a quick demonstration of the old ins and outs. During what I've dubbed the "spermification process" Marine can transform her outfit to whatever look the donor desires. That's thanks to Dr.Narutaki's magic flute. Needless to say, there's lots of cosplay fetish action to behold.

Towards the bottom end of the second episode we're shown there is trouble afoot with Dr. Narutaki's plan. When they reach the apartment of Marine's next subject, to add his joy juice to the turtle's hungry gullet, they find that he's been sucked dry to the point of mummification. Who could have done such a ghastly thing, you ask? Why, none other than a Sexaroid -- Marine's sinister rival South Pole 1. I will admit I did express a mild chuckle or two when at one point, South Pole 1 fires a volley of missiles out of her breasts, then a helicopter propeller spring out of her elbow and flies away. I guess they forgot to mention parodying Inspector Gadget as well.

Having only listened to the audio track in Japanese because I felt I'd already suffered enough, I can't say how the English dub is. One point of interest I found was that South Pole 1 was designed to look like an American Sexaroid. They taught the Japanese voice actress a few words of English. Those words being "yes" and "come on."

The only extras to be found on this disc were just your standard four trailers.

With poor animation, mediocre character design and very little detail when it comes down to the sex scenes, I'd rate Marine A Go Go just slightly above Bondage Mansion. That's also for its lack of enemas and bondage scenes. If this review has not swayed you from still wanting to see this lackluster title, do the smart thing and rent it. Don't make the mistake I did in buying it.
Art/Animation: 3 Story/Plot: 3 Characters: 2 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 6