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Midnight Sleazy Train Midnight Sleazy Train Midnight Sleazy Train Midnight Sleazy Train

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Title: Midnight Sleazy Train
Genre: Comedy
Credits: Kitty Media

Cover Description: In a crowded train, strangers often end up being too close for comfort. But for some people, being too close is a comfort. When a poor conductor witnesses the train sex phenomenon, he decides to turn it into a business. Every night after the midnight train finishes its route, he turns it into a rolling bordello. Climb aboard, because the train is leaving the station!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

EvilPants (08.06.2005)
Whatever you do, don’t pick up anything off the floor of this train!
Midnight Sleazy train is a tale about a young man, a town and his magic fingers. Tetsuo works as a conductor in a small town that’s slowly dieing away, and one of the few things keeping the town alive is the trains. Then comes word from above that the trains may be shut down, which isn’t good for either Tetsuo or the town. One day while he and his fellow conductors are brainstorming on how to keep the trains running, Tetsuo comes up with a magnificent idea. You see Tetsuo is not just an ordinary conductor. When he changes out of his uniform and into his civilian clothes, he becomes a master groper. In his spare time he searches and hunts for women fondle. His trade secret as to how he’s never been caught or thrown in jail for doing such things? Why it’s all got something to do with his special technique. Simply put, he makes them cum. So, armed with an idea and a list of victims/lovers, he sets about turning the trains into a rolling brothel where almost every fetish can be fulfilled.

Now, I really enjoyed this show because it’s not just some wacko out there gunning for sex. No, it’s about saving a town and it’s done in a much better way than say, a charity carwash or bake sale. Even though the plot is kind of thin, it’s still very easy just to fall into watching the show. Another thing I’d like to point out is that all the ladies on the sleazy train are willing. They want to be there. No one forced them or blackmailed them into it. It’s nice to have a consensual orgy for a change.

The animation and character designs are very sharp and vibrant, complete with a very fluid feel. This really helps you just get into the show quickly and not want to take your eyes off it.

As far as the sex scenes go, they are many and varied. There’s a whole lotta cosplay going on in these trains. From bunny girls, maids, police women, nurses, and nuns, you’re certain to find something to suit your tastes.

One of my favorite scenes I just have to mention involves a mother and daughter’s chance meeting upon the sleazy train. In his quest for girls to fill up the train, Tetsuo come upon a shy green-haired, bespectacled straight A student. He invites her to join the fun on the train. That night on the train, she’s getting it from every angle, servicing every man in front of her. Suddenly, what do her eyes fall upon and see? Her very own mother, just as green-haired and just as bespectacled, getting double stuffed from behind. They crawl over to each other and exchange very touching words with smiles on their faces, while the daughter is getting it from behind. What a wonderful Hallmark, moment don’t you think?

I highly recommend picking up a copy and giving it a try. Also, as of this writing, I just learned that a second volume is to be released soon. I will eagerly be awaiting my chance to grab a copy if it’s anything like the first.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 8 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 9