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Mystery of the Necronomicon Mystery of the Necronomicon Mystery of the Necronomicon Mystery of the Necronomicon

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Title: Mystery of the Necronomicon
Genre: Horror
Author: Abogado Powers
Credits: Anime 18

Cover Description: Plagued by a string of gruesome occult murders, the inhabitants of an isolated resort turn to one another for comfort. But each hides a shameful past and forbidden desires. Now, a private detective must overturn every secret to fight the evil that stalks them all!

Skysenshi's Note: Mystery of the Necronomicon is divided into two arcs, each containing two episodes - (1) Book of the Dead and (2) The Black Chapter.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.15.2001)
Deadly beauty...
This is by far one of the creepiest horror h-anime I have seen. The hentai scenes are quite detailed and can be downright disgusting (name it they have it — S&M, lesbian, necrophilia etc.). The drawback: Just when you think things are getting steamy, corpses suddenly appear! It can be totally distracting, especially in the Black Chapter, where evil gets invoked more often.

The artwork is just splendid, as you can see from the screenshots I took. I especially had a hard time deciding which angles I should take of Asuka and Satoshi, my favorite characters. They are the cutest pair I have ever seen in any h-anime, which is ironic because "kawaii" is mostly used in comedies and mushy love stories, not in horror genres.

Finding flaws in the storyline isn't easy either. Abogado Powers certainly weaved a very intricate tale of deception, mystery, and suspense. He even incorporated Wiccan aspects to create a subtle form of complexity. At first I couldn't understand why the evil holder of the Necronomicon — a book of black magic that's been causing all those corpses to pop out of nowhere — would want to perform a soul-eating ceremony on the eve of Beltane. Beltane, the "feast of fertility" celebrated by Wiccans on the 30th of April, is commemorative of the "bright fire of life". I asked myself why would a ceremony of death be performed on the day of life? It then became clear to me: I had almost forgotten what the Necronomicon is all about. It is the symbol of resurrection and eternal life, albeit in a dark fashion.

One thing that I got confused with, however, is the use of the aquamarine gemstone. Aquamarine is my birthstone and I understand, according to the Wiccan tradition, that it is supposed to be the stone of healing. In this anime it is used as a stone of protection. I'm not yet quite sure if it can be both. Still, Mystery of the Necronomicon is convincing enough to make me believe the reality it wants to portray.

Another aspect one could delve into is the psychological angle. Mystery of the Necronomicon is able to effectively use the usually subtle connection between eroticism, S&M, and death — almost along the lines of necrophilia. As gay novelist John Rechy would put it: "Black is the dominant effect, a costume of death — an effect corroborated by an article on necrophilia in an S&M magazine: As if the ultimate celebration of S&M were death."

On a side note: If you're going to watch this, make sure that you finish the ending credits of the The Black Chapter because there is a little segment there that serves as a reminder of the tragedy that happened in the Book of the Dead.

Art/Animation: 10 Story/Plot: 9 Characters: 9 Sounds: 10 Ecchi Level: 9