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Momiji Momiji Momiji Momiji

Momiji DVD
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Title: Momiji
Genre: Drama
Credits: / NuTech

Cover Description: Our story begins as Momiji’s virginity is taken by Kazuto. We learn that Momiji is a girl without a will of her own, while Kazuto is the son of a wealthy and influential family. Kazuto takes an interest in Momiji when he sees her at school, and he goes out of his way to get her to come live in his house as a maid.

Although Kazuto declares that he hates a girl without a will of her own, he finds great pleasure in taking advantage of her, and he demands that he serve him by giving him sexual pleasure…

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (10.16.2005)
Watch DVD. Wait. Scratch Head.
Four volumes. That alone made me curious enough to get this DVD and wonder if there's a good love story underneath the package. Unless it's particularly rowdy like Leatherman (a title I enjoyed in spite of its inanity, mostly because it had fun hentai scenes), I figured there must be something romantic about Momiji.

The moment I was introduced to Momiji's world, I had to restart because the English dubbing grated on my ears. Kazuto has a beautiful Japanese voice, so it was a shame that his English voice actor could not match the Japanese performance. After that, everything was smooth sailing. Almost.

From the onset, you know that Momiji is a very submissive young girl. When I say young, I mean very young. She may have the fake-looking breasts of porn stars, but her appearance is rather appealing to Lolicons. What she basically does throughout the four volumes is tell her story and the history of the women who work as maids in Kazuto's mansion.

Kazuto makes it his mission to turn Momiji into a stronger person. I don't know how claiming dominance over her will accomplish that, but hey, that's his logic. He tells her repeatedly how he hates women like her, who have no will of their own. But then he slaps the purple-haired maid Shizuru for speaking her mind. Right after sex, too. He could've spared himself a few words and syllables by just saying he hates women. Period. It's perfectly understandable, since he doesn't seem to be the kind of protagonist that'll try to pull at your heartstrings or pretend that he's anything but a big, spoiled bully.

Besides Momiji, there are other women in here that could actually cover enough ground to make this presentation qualify for a bishoujo game. I only remember one name, however, and that's Shizuru's. Wise Shizuru is probably my favorite in the harem, and it's more because I find her and her long, flowing purple hair to be really attractive. The other two contenders for Kazuto's attention are the uptight blonde maid (S&M material) and the perky pink-haired cockroach (I'm referring to her antennae) — both are wearing glasses. Momiji’s females all have one thing in common, though: huge-ass tits that resemble dough. You can mash them and maltreat them however you wish and they'd still amazingly remain glued to the women's chests.

The art and animation are above average. Kazuto is hot and the girls are passing pretty. Momiji's outfit seems like a more conservative version of Yuna's (Final Fantasy X), but that's negligible. Even though nobody seems to have real fashion sense in Momiji, I find myself really impressed with one aspect of their clothes — the lingerie. Whoever designed the bras, panties, teddies and corsets is a genius, who obviously took pains in making them really special. You can see none of those plain white underwear that are usual in anime. Perhaps hentai artists and animators have discovered the glorious wonders of Victoria's Secret?

The sex scenes have one pattern: mishandle boobies, make pussy wet with fingers, stick phallus in. Of course, there's variety in that there would be bath scenarios, lesbian sex, candle dripping, and brutal dildo usage, but they generally start out with the 3-step system I mentioned earlier. Nonetheless, what I liked best about Momiji is that despite the number of girls Kazuto deflowers, you will never see any signs of blood. Kazuto is brutal, yes, but as soon as you get past the boob abuse, which I couldn't really stand watching, you just might find yourself somewhat titillated. Kazuto is a kinky bast who has no qualms doing it in public places (amusement park rides, arcades, school lockers, poolsides, NeoPrint booths) without getting caught, while making it into something that seems like an art form.

As for the plot? Well, there’s actually more intercourse in here than story. And though you might notice that there's a lot of buildup to that’ll trick you into thinking there’s an interesting ending, I find myself shortchanged. I sort of expected a phenomenal climax, but I just ended up scratching my head and asking, "That's it?" If you're looking for a poignantly sweet, substantial plot, you might be happier with Suika. Momiji is just really something that'll stir the loins.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 6 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 9