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Moonlight Lady Moonlight Lady Moonlight Lady Moonlight Lady

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Title: Moonlight Lady
Genre: Drama / Horror
Credits: 2001 ORBIT / Pink Pineapple / Kitty Media

Cover Description: Moonlight Lady (Kao no nai Tsuki), is based on the PC game "No Surface Moon" that features a priestess-in-training in a mansion inhabited by spirits whom cause everyone to get "ecchi."

Suzuna is training hard to become a priestess, and is brought to the home of her future husband by Tomome, his faithful servant. She finds the mansion under a strange spell, releasing the sexual desires of everyone inside!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (02.20.2005)
Great sounds!
I guess I'll start this off with the biggest flaw that Moonlight Lady has: the plot. Surprisingly, this h-title has one of the best stories out there, which really isn't saying much, considering that it's hentai. If you read the back cover of this DVD, everything's actually stated there. Nice shrine, pretty miko, bevy of equally pretty girls. Hm. So what's wrong with this picture? Well, for one thing, everyone's preaching about tradition and custom, though I'm left wondering what kind of traditions and customs have mikos and maidservants participating in one big sex fest. I can live with that, since Moonlight Lady is H anyway. Furthermore, the plot just keeps you guessing as to what the hell is going on. You'll find yourself trying to piece the events together throughout every episode, and I deem that somewhat of a good thing. After all, even without reading the back of the DVD, any bishoujo gamer would know, right off the bat, that the story may have been based on a b-game. It has that undeniable bishoujo game feel to it.

Problem here is that by episode 2, you're going to start contemplating on what the characters are smoking. Oh, yeah, they're supposed to be under this great big spell, but even without that activating, I still find them a weird bunch. I don't really mind that two of our characters, namely the maid Totome and Suzuna's husband, Koichi, seem to be shagging just about every fuckable body in the household. What I do ponder about is if Suzuna and her mother are just born psychotic. You can't understand what's running through their heads, and Suzuna, in particular, just strikes me as a girl who can't make up her mind. She loves abusing her husband - i.e. slapping him, hitting him, and kicking him where the sun doesn't shine - for no apparent reason, and just stupidly justifies her moronic reasons after the fact. Also, there's this particular blonde that had me scratching my head in confusion. She appears once, and then you never really notice how she fit into the entire scenario. Suddenly, she's just an added accessory. In any case, the main players' dilly-dallying just kinda turns me off.

Nonetheless, I am giving this title an 8. The story flow may have been a tad messy, but the production values more than make up for it. The artwork and animation are a notch above decent. All the girls are just so beautiful. And Koichi! My gawd, could any hentai hunk get any hotter? (So perhaps, you can understand now why I sort of despise Suzuna. I find her violent tendencies against a certified hottie unforgivable.)

H-scenes are conventional, though one will probably notice that whoever conceptualized this has a fetish for lesbian scenes. Hands down, Totome has more bed action than the only active male in the entire series.

There's one other element that I found truly amazing in Moonlight Lady. The sounds! The dubbing is probably the finest you'll ever encounter, save for one guy that sounds too old in the English version while sounding like a girl in the Japanese version. They also retain the Japanese voices for the moans and groans. Fancy that. No porn stars doing crappy voice-overs for this one. The unbelievable part of it all is the fact that Moonlight Lady has the best BGM and ending theme I have ever heard played in all h-anime I've ever viewed. It's this haunting medieval melody, reminiscent of Seal's Kiss From A Rose, that had me gushing all over the place. Just for that, I'm recommending that you add this feature to your h-collection.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Sounds: 10 Ecchi Level: 8