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Desert Island Story XX Desert Island Story XX Desert Island Story XX Desert Island Story XX

Desert Island Story
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Title: Desert Island XX (No Man Island XX)
Genre: Horror
Credits: Pink Pineapple

Cover Description: All that was left on the desolate "No Man Island" are six women and three men—nine people who are fighting for the right to survive after being struck by a disastrous inferno that wiped out an entire population. Unfortunately, the only person who held the key to unlocking the mysteries behind the tragedy perished along with the rest. Now the nine who are left with the barest of knowledge must uncover the sinister truth...or die trying....

Skysenshi's NOTE 2: Well, I've already found the English title. Dessert Island XX has just been licensed by the Americans. NuTech Digital has gotten hold of it, and it's about to be released by December of 2001.

Skysenshi's NOTE: Forgive my ignorance again, since this title is not yet released in the English market (I think), I do not know its English title. I have screencaps up there and anybody identifies them and knows the English title, please contact me.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (10.27.2001)
Great for Sexual Anthropology studies...
Psychologist A.H. Maslow could not have been more descriptive when he said, "Monkeys who physically dominate an a group sexually dominate the other members." This can also be said for all primates as studies indicate. Maslow is known for equating dominance with powerful feelings of self-preservation manifested through high self-esteem, confidence, and feeling of ability and usefulness. Connecting this theory with many other psycho/anthropological studies will also show a marked similarity of concept in sexual behavior.

This much is portrayed heavily in Desert Island XX, where everybody fears death as an impending ocurrence and desperation is seen in how the strong exert sexual dominance over the weaker surviving members. When confronted wtih a situation that drags one back to a primitve, most basic level of life, one can't help but also go back to the most basic in the hierarchy of needs: Physiological.

What's great about this title is that it gives you a very close look at the base of human nature—a dark side of everyone that not many are aware of. It can be a big slap in the face, especially as the sex scenes can be violent and bloody as with the case of the defenseless virgins in this anime. This is a form of exaggeration, actually, but reality is just below the surface if you know where to scratch.

For those who are looking for reprieve from the S&M depiction of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, I could say that the lesbian lovemaking parts are quite well done. They're certainly a nice change from the sadistic heterosexual fornication that one is subjected to in Desert Island XX. There are no distasteful male-oriented Freudian gadgets like dildos, beads, tubes—just skin, tongue, hands, and more skin.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 6 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 8