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Ogenki Clinic Adventures Ogenki Clinic Adventures Ogenki Clinic Adventures Ogenki Clinic Adventures

Ogenki Clinic DVD
Ogenki Clinic Live Action
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Title: Ogenki Clinic Adventures
Genre: Comedy
Credits: 1991 Haruka/Inui Akita, Shoten/Apple, Anime 18

Cover Description: Welcone to Ogenki Clinic where Dr. Sawaru Ogeguri and Nurse Ruko Tatase are ready to service any sexual problem. Dr. Ogeguri and Nurse Ruko are always willing to go to any lenghts to solve the sexual problems of their patients, even if it requires special sexual aids, or Dr. Ogeguri's own personal equipement!

HN Opinions
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miyazakifan (07.12.2006)
Mondo Breasts, Rainbow-colored Bouncing Penises and Sexual Health All in One DVD
Armed with whip and chain, dildo-panty and many a fleshy-radish, not to mention a glans-shaped bowl-cut and a member the size of an iron girder, Nurse Ruko Tatase and Dr. Ogenki are out to save Tokyo's perverts from their sexual dysfunctions. It's a dirty job, but it's also a lot of fun and the constant call for bizarre sex doesn't hurt either. Fighting impotence, curing chronic masturbators and accommodating wanton condom salesladies make for a pretty decent day job. Such is life at the Ogenki Sex Therapy Clinic.

As we all know, there are some ecchi productions that try to provide a solid, well-thought out storyline interspersed with sex bits and there are others which serve only sex bits for as much instant gratification as possible. Ogenki straddles this line very uniquely. In a genre rife with tentacle-raped schoolgirls and sadistic men with ropes and less than honorable intentions, Ogenki Clinic is a breath of fresh air. It can be easily labeled as the most positive of all hentai titles ever. In Ogenki, the men and women are represented as equals and the sex is always healing, rather than damaging.

For this DVD release, the story is extremely basic: Dr. Ogenki runs the top sex clinic in all of Japan and boasts a cure for any and all sexual dysfunction. In marches a parade of screwed-up perverts, all purporting different sexual hang-ups. Eager to help are Ogenki and Tatase, as it is their responsibility and they each seem to have libidos the size of Texas. The two series on this DVD are split into four ten-minute segments apiece. The short vignette format may annoy some but this really serves the story well. It keeps the narrative flowing and allows us to see as many patients and resulting therapy practices as possible without delving into their characters too deeply. This is h-anime and not "Judging Amy."

Unfortunately there is no Japanese dialogue on this release, only the dubbed English. The voice acting however is superb. By "superb" I mean outrageously horrible and schlocky, but it's all in fun. Absolute accuracy to the original screenplay was not priority number one for the voice actors. Particularly with lines like, "Here little man! Come! Why can't you make your hot milk come out?" delivered with such gusto. The voice actors obviously took great liberty, but why not? The animation and subject itself are so over-the-top, it would've been a crime not to dub this. The moans are intense as is the panting, the screaming, the orgasms, and so on. It's as if the roles were all filled with aging porn stars from the early seventies, wanting to make one last splash in/on the business. Have porn stars do your dialogue, it makes a whole lot more sense than employing the latest teenage Vivid waif-starlets to deliver wooden lines alternating with the regular coitus schtick.

Unfortunately, the art design shows this title's age. The OVA is dated 1991 but the art resembles titles from the early-to-mid eighties anime. As if these were Lupin's enviable hedonistic distant cousins. The clean up animation is not that clean, particularly in Case 2 of Part 1, "Pinky Angel Tatase," where it seems no animator bothered to check the continuity of character appearances. In Case 1 of Part 1, "Eternal Sex Slave," famed prostitute Diana Mellon's melons seem to increase in size every time the angle changes, to the point where they resemble big, fleshy laundry baskets. This lack of continuity may put off some of those expecting more professionalism in their h-titles, but the truth is this exaggerated physicality and lack of realistic detail and realism refers back to the title's manga roots, utilizing all of its characteristic aesthetics. Those impolite few might call it "crude" but I prefer the term "aged" and/or "quaint."

When I presented this title to the Variations in Human Sexuality course at SFSU, one middle-aged woman asked me why she should spend time examining this animation when she could see the same quality of animation on her local channels on any given Saturday morning. I replied that I didn't believe she could see ANY of THIS on her Saturday morning cartoons, to which the class chuckled. When you're watching a man in drag get reamed up the ass by a woman with a dildo, and subsequently cum happily in spunky rivers, who really pays attention to the visual quality of said spunk? The character designs are nothing really to write home about. All of the women are proportioned exceptionally unrealistically, and are all clearly mature, some sporting unabashedly hairy nether regions. It is a welcome change that our female protagonists are not underdeveloped 18+ year-olds, or in other words, simulated children, which is often just creepy.

Ogenki Clinic Adventures is a Central Park Media/Anime 18 DVD release, comprised of only two of the original three Ogenki volumes: Check Into Ogenki Clinic and Return to Ogenki Clinic. This includes only the English-dub. The reason for this is a mystery, probably having something to do with language-track licensing. The Media Blasters' release of the third chapter Welcome to Ogenki Clinic is findable in your finer back-alley video stores, and is definitely worth finding as it has the original Japanese language track with English subtitles. The translation of the peppy and cheerful theme song is particularly excellent, as one discovers it is all about a young woman who has lost her favorite vibrator and is too distraught to go and purchase another. It would be great if this title could be released in its entirety with the original language track, but I doubt it'll ever happen. This title has never been popular enough to warrant such a re-release.
Many anime and h-anime fans have absolutely nothing positive to say about Ogenki Clinic Adventures and this always puzzles me. I can say this is my favorite of all the hentai features I've seen. Sincerely, there has never been any OAV like this before.

Foregoing all the sex, Ogenki is the story, first and foremost, of a committed couple. By "committed," I do not mean monogamous as Ogenki and Tatase collectively fuck just about every person who walks into their office. Sure they share an open relationship, and are liable to fuck a stranger in the ass if it in any way can contribute to that stranger's overall sexual health. But at the end of the day the best sex they have is with each other. They really do care for and love each other. I know the mere thought of this kind of emotion in an h-title feature is scandalous and shocking. It is true, in the Media Blasters VHS release, the couple receives blessings from Tatase's parents to get married! We don't see the wedding, but we get the next best thing: a wedding rehearsal involving the two couples celebrating in mutual copulation.

Ogenki is one of the best examples of hentai, in that it shows just how varied and different this type of pornographic media can be. Contemporary examples are essentially your average live-action hardcore pornography simply animated. The cocks are bigger, the women are wetter, the cum-sprays are lengthier, but the gist is the same as any run-of-the-mill Red Light District live-action gonzo pic. There are double-penetrations, ATMs, gang bangs, and so on. A bevy of buxom, submissive women get perforated (not always with their permission) and love it. Considerably older than the more recent productions, Ogenki advocates a much healthier type of sex: that which is consensual, healing, very silly, extremely surreal, and also hilarious.

There is no misogyny here as the men and women are always on equal terms and one is never dominant over the other. Actually they each take turns being dominant and submissive, and this behavior shows a mutual respect absent in probably every other title out there. Ogenki is light and arousing, probably best considered as a party piece, which will likely offend only the most morally lofty of your friends and invoke hearty laughs among the rest.

Art/Animation: 6 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 6 Sounds: 6 Ecchi Level: 8

skysenshi (early 2001 ed. 04.22.2003)
I'm speechless! Maybe it was because Ogenki and his cohorts were created a long time go... but the art... dear gawd! Have you ever seen badly drawn 70s anime, where the only thing that differentiates the men from the women are the big boobs? Their bodies actually kind of look the same. Overly masculine... Okay, I'm stuttering. That's how speechless I am. I was also annoyed by the talking penis for some strange reason, and I wanted to swat it out of the TV. I must have been watching too much hentai that seeing Ogenki Clinic didn't do much for my interest.

Plotwise, I guess Ogenki Clinic tried to be funny. You have stories of unfortunate patients who have problems getting it on, or just plain weird in their fetish. Nurse Ruko mostly executes Dr. Ogenki's recommended therapy, which I suppose can be a good source of hilarity. It's just...too slapstick for my tastes, though. The hentai scenes are very graphic, so I guess that can count as a good thing.

The reason I didn't give this a much lower rating is because women here are not enslaved or tortured or raped by hundreds of unsanitized tentacles. In fact, sometimes I think the women here have the upperhand.

Art/Animation: 6 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 6 Sounds: 6 Ecchi Level: 8