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Professor Pain Professor Pain Professor Pain Professor Pain

Professor Pain DVD
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Title: Professor Pain
Genre: Horror
Credits: Anime 18

Cover Description: The progress report looks bleak for the 19-year-old college students of Aoi University. Professor Ohse always seemed a bit sinister, but no one ever guessed he was a terrorist! Now he holds the entire campus hostage, prisoner to his own twisted desires for terror, torture and degradation!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.15.2001)
It's not even remotely amusing
In the light of the recent tragedy that had happened at New York's World Trade Center, the last thing that anyone needs right now is a story about a genius terrorist who gets away with bombing buildings and torturing students while he is at it.

My one big regret was that I couldn't get to the fast forward control button quick enough. If I had, I would have been spared seeing the most inhuman forms of torture that could rival Cool Devices. What? You want me to enumerate every fucking detail that had me uttering all the expletives I could muster in 4 languages? What do you think about getting creepy needles stuck in the most inappropriate places? I'm not even talking about simple nipple piercing here that most H movies seem to be fond of! Or how about hanging a poor innocent girl from the top of a school building by her breasts? I'm sorry, but I really had to make use of the fast forward button so many times. I may run a hentai site, but I haven't been so far gone as to tolerate this kind of depravity. I still have a conscience and my mind can still register pain when I see it -- anime or not.

Ironically, the one who gets mentally affected at the end isn't even the one who got the most brutal punishment. Gawd, how I wish I could shoot the creators of this anime. I'm feeling very violent right now.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 4 Characters: 1 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 8