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Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei

Rei Rei DVD
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Title: Rei Rei
Genre: Comedy
Credits: Softcel Pictures

Cover Description: Sweat-soaked bodies writhe in passion as a nurse and a doctor plot to murder the nurse's young ward; meanwhile, a young man endures the despair of unrequited love, unaware that the object of his desire is in love... with another woman!

If these hardly seem like sources for high comedy, perhaps it's because you're not Kaguya, a strangely powerful being with the ability to manipulate the fabric of reality, an extremely perverse sense of humor, and a propensity for baring her breasts. A living manifestation of the Hand (or some other bodily portion) of Fate, those who fall under Kaguya's twisted spell will never be the same again, for she delights in giving people their hearts' desires-and letting them suffer the consequences!

Together with her stumpy man-servant Pipi, Kaguya stages her human puppet shows with the flair of a master show-woman, foiling perfect murders, turning young men INTO the women of their dreams, and generally causing mass chaos and disaster.

This much fun shouldn't be legal... but not even the laws of nature apply to Kaguya!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (11.10.2001)
Soft, humorous porn at its finest!
Rei Rei may not appeal to most hentai fans who are crazed over hardcore sweaty, genital-infested h-anime, but it definitely appealed to my sense of humor. Somehow Rei Rei is almost like a combination of bewitching Magical Twilight, Can Can Bunny Extra , and U-jin Brand (without the butt-ugly male protagonists). Kaguya is a magical being who has a heart of gold and an ear for hearing tormented souls. She also has a penchant for manipulating the laws of nature to her favor, and the outcome is usually something that will keep comedy fans laughing off their beds. Just imagine this scenario: What if the person you've been fantasizing about turns out to prefer making love to members of his/her same gender? Or if you were somebody who has mother syndrome and can't touch your lover without getting some sort of an allergic reation? How Kaguya and sidekick Pipi solve these dilemma is actually pretty simple for a magical girl, but so outrageous you definitely wouldn't wish to be on her bad side!

The cover image can be deceiving, though. There is only one particular tentacle scene in Rei Rei and it isn't even as disgusting or offending as one would imagine.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 9 Characters: 10 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 5