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Renzu Renzu Renzu Renzu

Renzu DVD
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Title: Renzu
Genre: Romance
Credits: NuTech

Boxed Set DVD Cover Description: During his high school years, Tohru Shioda saved his childhood friend Asuka Misaki in exchange for his golden leg. Unable to play soccer anymore, he now spends his time staring through his camera. Asuka still holds feelings for him, but there's an emotion inside Shioda that keeps him from feeling the same way. Will there be a happy ending?

Skysenshi's NOTE: Original reviews from 2003 have been temporarily removed (and screenshots replaced) due to the new rules for HN submissions.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.19.2003)
Through the Lens...
Tohru is your typical angst-ridden teenager—err, above 18, I assure you. You know, one of 'em tortured souls that tend to get too self-destructive. He loses the one thing that is most important for him and his future career, which in turn makes him withdraw from the people that love him. One important person in his life, the object of his frustrations, is childhood best friend Asuka Misaki. He basically does everything that first class jerks are known for. He pushes Asuka away, insults her by trying to rape her on top of a school building. He spies lustfully on his teacher—in full view of Asuka, too! He sleeps with some bimbo he just met…and so on, and so forth. Add more and more to the list of beastly behavioral patterns and you've got yourself a totally fucked up character. I don't blame him, though. Most of us have gone through that pathetic self-flagellating phase (teens love to call it "angst"), so I don't think I could act holier than thou. Besides, if I were in Tohru's place, if I had lost a part of me that was essential in my work, I would probably go berserk as well. Not just from feelings of ennui, but also from feelings of uselessness.

I did have high expectations from the anime, especially during the first part. My impression of it was that it would turn out to be romantic and sweet, that Asuka's love would find a way to pull Tohru through. Let's just say I was already thinking that this could be another Tokio Private Police. Well, 80% of my expectations were met. The other 20% came from the shock that Tohru's perverted ways can't really change overnight. See, one of the nasty hobbies he picked up was photography. While being an artistic endeavor to some, Tohru just puts the hobby into a whole new different dimension. This becomes the focus of this h-anime, hence the title Lens or Renzu, if you want to translate it roughly. Now, his inclusion of that intrusive camera into Asuka's first experience sort of jolted any thoughts of romance out of my head. On the other hand, it could be a realistic angle. He's been behind the camera all those years, psychologically trying to make up for his failure, that it planted its roots deeply. And we all know the saying about old habits…

Like most emotionally-charged h-anime, Renzu has the signature blonde best buddy. I don't really mind their presence in any of the titles I've seen, since most of them are a welcome eye candy for us women who are tired of looking at the generic H male protagonist. My only complaint with Renzu is that the blonde guy isn't half as sexy as the one in TriAngle. Heh.

The artwork is like a combination of old school ala Go Nagai, and digital technology. I wouldn't call it bad, but I wouldn't call it good either. Truth be told, the DVD cover art looks a whole lot better than the actual product. English dubbing is bearable. Hentai scenes…well, it's a little too late to be conservative now, doncha think? The only thing you can see clearly is Tohru's penis, and it's not a very appealing to look at either. I'm also not too keen on the S&M bit, although there is nothing there to be afraid of. It certainly isn't Cool Devices both in the sex and in the story.

Overall, it's a pretty decent hentai flick, although in no means a masterpiece. If you really need a reprieve from all those idiotic blackmail or tentacle themes, all I could say is knock yourself out.

Art/Animation: 5 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 6