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School of Bondage School of Bondage School of Bondage School of Bondage

School of Bondage
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Title: School of Bondage
Genre: Drama
Credits: 2002 Nariaki Funahori / Core Magazine / Concept Films / NuTech

Cover Description: Upset by his parents' failing marriage, Keisuke Shimizu takes it out on various women in his life. He trains these women to be his sex slaves. Starting with his music teacher, Remi Izumi, he moves to his classmate Orie Yuki, and steals her virginity. The world of Yu, Nariaki Funahori, adult comics come to life as an animated series! With a school ground as a backdrop, a sensational carnal adventure unfolds!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (10.05.2002)
I wouldn't blame the guy...
…for saying, "Women are stupid!" If I were a guy and the only women I know are Keisuke's mom, his teacher, and most especially Orie, I'd say exactly the same thing. They're trying to portray Orie as a feisty, intelligent, powergirl of the 21st century. Yeah, right. Wise and responsible Orie, however, takes Keisuke up on a bet: Be his love slave for 3 months and be successful in showing him the meaning of true love. If she achieves her goal, Keisuke will become a good student. If she doesn't, she must leave him alone.

For the love of gawd, what airhead would rise up to such an obvious bait? I'm really interested in how she's going to make him fall in love with her if she's going to degrade herself before his very eyes. Ooh, yeah, she looks so vulnerable when I torture her like that, I can't help but be deeply in love with her! Wow, that's effective! Might as well take notes in case my marriage falls apart. Roll eyes.

Another thing I can't understand is why Keisuke has a personal vendetta against females when it isn't his mother alone that has problems. His father is just as reprehensible. Perhaps he hates himself enough for the rest of the male population? Or is it that he hasn't the balls to take his frustration out on his own gender? Now, that would be an interesting angle to look into.

The dialogues are amazing! Amazing in their stupidity. When you listen to lines such as, "Say, 'I like hard cocks and fucking a man makes me happy!' It would lessen the (virginal) pain," you can't help but burst into peals of laughter. It really doesn't help that Orie in the English dub is perpetually whining.

See, that's what makes School of Bondage interesting, actually. The first episode, Stolen Purity, is so amusingly asinine, you want to know what happens next. Unfortunately, it's been half a year since I watched this DVD. I was still a miss then. Now I'm a missus and I'm still not hearing anything about follow-up episodes.

This title's saving graces are the lovely art, smooth digital animation, and detailed hentai sequences. I love the fact that none of the genitals look comical and that the h-scenes are pretty conventional. I'd say it's safe for people who are not into extreme fetishes. Since NuTech has released it in English, expect seeing a nice photo gallery.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 8