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Sakura Diaries Sakura Diaries Sakura Diaries Sakura Diaries

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Title: Sakura Diaries
Genre: Comedy
Credits: ADV Films

Cover Description: Urara likes Touma. Touma likes Meiko. Meiko might like Touma, but Meiko will only date a college boy. So what's an under achiever like Touma to do? Well, if you're Touma, you'll lie and say you got into the most prestigious university possible. And if you're Urara, will you keep his secret? Or will you use that secret to ruin his chances with the other girl? From famed manga creator Ujin comes a steamy new tale of love on the school campus. Don't miss your chance to sneak a peek into the Sakura Diaries.

Skysenshi's NOTE: There were 2 separate releases of Sakura Diaries, one is the edited (Urara all covered up even when she's supposed to be naked) and the other isn't.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.07.2001)
Making mashed potato out of End of Summer!
As with the case of Crying Freeman, I was wondering whether I should put Sakura Diaries in Hentai Neko, or just submit my comments to another anime reviews repository. The sexual material here is actually very light, even lighter than Crying Freeman's lovey-dovey scenes. That is, if you were only able to get hold of the "edited" release. There were actually two releases of Sakura Diaries and the other one is much much more hentai. Still mild, but still soft porn.

The story can be likened to that of End of Summer, where too much repressed sexual energy can actually lead one to forget one's self. No matter how I look at it, I still cannot imagine myself showing Sakura Diaries to my baby brother.

Nonetheless, unlike End of Summer where reality is twisted, covered with a lamb's fleece, and palmed off as a "regular" anime, Sakura Diaries has more right to claim quality viewership. There is nothing remotely perverted about the way the people acted here. In fact, a lot of us real life folks can relate to the kind of city-living turmoil they are all going through. Yes, even the crazy stuff young adults sometimes do out of desperation. SD is like a soap opera/telenovela put into Toon World.

Normally detached to h-anime plots, I suddenly found myself in a weepy mood as I watched Urara make a fool of herself over Touma. Sure, she's got that whiny little voice that makes you want to rip off her throat. Sure, she's really rather too clingy for her own good. Sure, she's the embodiment of the kind of girl we feminists would like to wipe off the earth. Still, she makes you believe that she's a human being capable of making the kind of mistakes lovesick young teenagers normally do. At least she matures because of life's drawbacks. Many real human beings can learn a whole lot from Ulala's experiences, especially young girls who are still discovering their wings.

Skysenshi's NOTE: There were two version of Sakura Diaries that were released in Japan. One is slightly censored and the other one is basically more daring as it showed Ulala in various forms of nudity. In any case, this title is a little less than soft porn and a little more than ecchi.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 5