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Sex Demon Queen Sex Demon Queen Sex Demon Queen Sex Demon Queen

Sex Demon Queen DVD
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Title: Sex Demon Queen
Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Shoujo
Credits: 2000 Takeshi Aoki, AIC, Green Bunny, Kitty Media

Cover Description: In a time of fantasy and high adventure, the sorceress Kuri uses her magic to defend herself from all manner of perverted monsters and demons. Her partner is the lovely swordswoman Linna...who would much rather do perverted things with the monsters and demons than actually fight them. Together they save a young woman from a gang rape unintentionally catching the eye of an evil Sex Queen and her army of demons. This Queen isn't the kind of girl who takes no for an answer. When her demons release the passions of Kuri and Linna, then even their formidable magic won't be able to save them.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.23.2001)
Magical Knight...uh, Sex Demon Queen??
Beautiful animated women who move like the magical knights from Rayearth but transform like Eternal SailorMoon. That's Sex Demon Queen for you. Is there a plot? I thought in the beginning that there will be. The cover description certainly had me going there. But it's actually just an excuse to get our girls into the downright dirty path. I laughed my heart out though, because for a cheap-looking h-flick they sure know how to focus on character design. The funniest character isn't even female, but more like a Hulk Hogan look-alike who has a very unlucky lifeline. Funnier still, I can't identify which of the women is actually the Sex Demon Queen! Is it one of the good gals, or the maniacal heathen who always finds herself getting licked down there?

If you look closely enough, you'll notice that this title is either spoofing Excel Saga or The Slayers. I mean, is it any coincidence that one of the characters there is named Linna? The humor is pretty much similar to the two titles I've mentioned, too.

Sex Demon Queen features S&M, lesbian love, attempted rape, and other bizarre sexual habits that don't involve tentacles (but are still weird, nonetheless). My goodness, these people are insatiable!

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 9 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 8