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Sex Friend Sex Friend Sex Friend Sex Friend

Sex Friend DVD
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Title: Sex Friend
Genre: Drama
Credits: / Kitty Media

Cover Description: Tomohiro has always been good friends with his classmate, Mina Hayase. But even though they've always flirted and joked around together, they've never gone all the way. That changes when they find that the school nurse doesn't mind letting couples use the infirmary beds to relax after classes. But things become more complicated when Tomohiro's other classmates and the nurse herself get in on the action.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (12.25.2004)
This is another one of those lemons that you can classify as PWP ("Plot? What Plot?"). With the DVD cover description giving me ideas, I had thought that Sex Friend would be some sweet, friendly high school romance that would develop into something erotic later on. I couldn't have been more wrong. The scenes progress at a rapid pace and the characters just jump into bed as swiftly as they had been introduced. There's nothing to discuss about the plot. Let's just say that Sex Friend is the perfect animated depiction of a typical high school wet dream. I mean, come on, Mr. Virgin Dude suddenly finds himself being pawed by women left and right for no apparent reason. And they get brazen with every opportunity, not only limiting themselves to the comforts of a locked clinic, but also doing it in the classroom, during gym, in a movie house, etc.

There are moments when you'd find Tomohiro cute, especially when he begins to harbor feelings for one of the girls (I'm not telling who), but that aspect is basically just a side-show. I must comment about the back cover synopsis, though. It's not very accurate. When I was watching the two episodes, I figured Tomohiro doesn't seem to know Hayase very much, except for the fact that she's one horny classmate. I don't see any flirtatious bantering or anything that remotely resembles "best-friendly" behavior.

Artwork and animation is just average, although the coloring is well-done. I like the vibrant choice of colors, which basically kept me from getting bored out of my wits. I did notice that the art gets worse with every passing second, but then I guess people would just get this title for the sex.

There's one thing that tickled me, though: the ending theme. That has got to be the bawdiest piece of lyrical endeavor I have ever heard. Imagine hearing someone singing, "...I have confidence in my pussy's dripping for your hot cock...don't give me that sad face...let's cherish this moment, let's do what feels good!" The fact that it's sung by a high-pitched girly voice just makes it all the more amusing and horrifying at the same time.

I wouldn't recommend Sex Friend to someone who's looking for a serious story within a hentai flick. But I would recommend this to horny friends. Heh.

Art/Animation: 5 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 6 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 8