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Sex Ward Sex Ward Sex Ward Sex Ward

Sex Ward
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Title: Sex Ward
Genre: Drama
Credits: , Vanilla Series, Critical Mass

Cover Description: These nurses love to make patients feel good...

Meet the lovely nurses of Ishikawa General Hospital! There's Yuriko, the tall, dark and seductive head nurse; Naho, the cute and playful girl with a sexy streak... and then there's Satsuki. Quiet and shy, Satsuki only wants to make a good impression, but she keeps screwing everything up. When she accidentally gives an aching patient the wrong medication, he cons her into releasing his pain with a healthy dose of hot and heavy sex — but by the end, it's Satsuki that's moaning in pleasure!

Now, Satsuki will make sure that all of her mistakes are remedied with a little sexual therapy. But is she taking things too far? And what would her co-workers say if they knew...?

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (05.14.2006)
Hospital of Debauchery
Sex ward is brought to you by Shiyuuta Biwajima and Chikara Nikki, the brains behind Spotlight, Meiking and Campus. Innocent Satsuki is the star of this title. She goes along her daily routine, not knowing that her colleagues are busy doing something besides watching over patients. Aside from what has been stated in the cover description — Satsuki makes a major mistake that leads her into a life of debauchery — Sex Ward has various sub stories to offer. This is because there are many different personalities in this title. There's one, in particular, that I never wish to encounter in my trips to the hospital and that's Dr. Enema. I don't remember his real name, but I'm sure you'd understand what his specialty is.

Another interesting aspect to explore is the love triangle that transpires between Satsuki and her close friend Naho. Both vie for Dr. Waka's affections, but only Naho has the courage to go after him. This actually triggers the main plot, because Satsuki is the type of woman who lets her emotions get the better of her work. Thus, the error in drug administration.

Other stories include Mr. Kamiya, a patient whose sickly body frustrates him so much that he tries to molest unsuspecting nurses. In the second episode, a terminally ill patient and the lesbian Dr. Midori are also featured. Sex Ward is pretty short, but it pursues a lot of story angles. Just don't expect to find profundity because this is just a tad better than your run-of-the-mill hentai. In fairness, there are a few twists, like Naho's story conclusion, that threw me in for a loop and I kind of find them hilarious.

The artwork is pretty. I love the way they do dramatic combinations of certain artistic elements, an example of which are the symbolisms used in Naho's "treatment." The sex scenes, on the other hand, tend to look funny on certain ocassions. There are times when Satsuki looks like she's doing push ups while giving head. And there are also times, during pumping scenes, when it looks like a man pushes into his dick instead of him pushing his equipment into a woman. Most of the hentai scenarios, except for Dr. Enema's and Dr. Midori's, are conventional.

Sex Ward isn't a bad hentai title overall, especially since it looks like they're aiming for a romantic angle. I suppose it's ok for those who have a thing for nurses and hospitals. And for those who can take seeing animated scat. I've only seen two episodes, although I feel like there's more. Episode 2 is very inconclusive, so I'm hoping they don't do a 9 O'Clock Woman on me by stopping at that.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 8 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 8