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Slight Fever Syndrome Slight Fever Syndrome Slight Fever Syndrome Slight Fever Syndrome

Slight Fever DVD
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Title: Slight Fever Syndrome
Genre: Comedy
Credits: 1997 Rumi Miyamoto, Fujimi Shuppari, Knack, Kitty Media

Cover Description: Let nurse Mizuki relieve your Fever with her special treatment!

Miss Mizuki, the beautiful but chronically late nurse and teacher at a private junior college, has a knack for getting into the most unusual situations. Besides being the health education teacher for a rather rambunctious bunch of students, she is also their mentor and guide. To her embarrassment, she often must listen to their sexual escapades while treating their day to day injuries. However, constantly counseling her students about their sexual problems does take its toll on Miss Mizuki's mind, and her nubile body.

Being a very kind and caring teacher, Miss Mizuki tends to use a very hands-on approach with her students, especially when demonstrating all the various functions of the female anatomy! But more then just her hands start getting sticky when she starts to fall for Kirishima, one of her very attractive male students. What will our dutiful, but sexually stimulated nurse, do to resolve this climatic situation? Watch this feverish frenzy of frolicking females as they find their cure to Slight Fever Syndrome.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.15.2001)
Funny and Romantic
I find this anime entertaining despite the crudeness of the students and their haphazard attempts at serious relationships. Perhaps part of the amusement I found is in the title itself (Slight Fever Syndrome). Miss Mizuki is supposed to be the school nurse and yet her students go to her not because they have some sort of serious disease but are actually prodded there because of a different kind of "fever".

Mizuki is pretty useful, though, because not only has she solved psychological problems, like fixation with anal intercourse and breast insecurity, she was also able to help even her co-teachers find the road to self-discovery. I was also tickled by her romance with Kirishima, probably because of the fact that despite her maturity in terms of age, she can still blush and be uncertain—so much like a high school kid. Although things take a drastic little turn in volume 2, they still made perversion look cute and somewhat bittersweet. I never thought that could even be possible because situations like these normally repel me (read: Teacher's Pet and Summer Heat).

The artwork and animation are okay. There are times, however, when I find them quite amusing, especially when the male member looks like a shapeless brown hotdog. Slight Fever Syndrome doesn't look perfect, but I guess that's what adds to its comical appeal.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 7

anime_miz (10.14.2005)
Fluffy and Fuzzy feelings!
I’ll try no t to repeat what Skysenshi said, since she covered a glimpse of the anime, but I’ll add my opinion for this series.

The art of this series was very simple and not at all aesthetically pleasing, given the time when this hentai was created (1997). The sex scenes with this animation weren’t really much to look at, very simplistic and crude. There were also plenty of lesbian scenes here, with oral sex. What attracted me to this hentai title, though, was a prop of the plot and complex character development, which I gathered from an earlier review I’ve read.

Mizuki has a clear personality that is quite cute and shoujo. She is a young nurse in a school where students and some faculty members started to go asking her for sex advice. She just happens to fall in love in the process.

The situation in this anime was downright cute, and unrealistic. However, it was quite romantic in a sweet puppy-love way. Many self-conscious feelings and worries in relationships are explored in this Hentai. There was also the discovery of lesbian preferences. But what stands out for me, is the mention of an older female partner. To that end this series just kept reminding me of Onegai Sensei (see Otaku Fridge for reference).

Art/Animation: 5 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Sounds: 9 Ecchi Level: 8