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Shusaku Shusaku Shusaku Shusaku

Shusaku DVD
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Title: Shusaku
Genre: Horror
Credits: NuTech

Cover Description: The girls' dormitory of Shukusei Music Academy is home to some of the most talented young female musicians in Japan. But horns aren't the only thing they're skilled at blowing. In such an elite school, appearances count for everything, but behind closed doors the sounds of screams, whimpers, and dull moans can be heard echoing through the halls. The school handy-man, Shusaku, cleans up after the girls and picks up all their dirty secrets, which he uses to blackmail them into some very un-ladylike private performances. Shusaku may get paid to clean up the building, but his true calling is just the opposite- sexually defiling and disgracing the innocent and high-strung musical maestros.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (12.18.2001)
Have you seen Blackmail?
If you've seen Blackmail: Tomorrow Never Ends, the similarity between Shusaku and the former will not escape you. Stupid, helpless women with amazingly twisted logics manipulated by a single, seemingly weak entity in one big sexual haven. Does that ring a bell? That's very much like Blackmail. The thing is, Shusaku is an earlier hentai anime, which was released in 1999. This much is obvious when you view the hentai scenes because unlike the super detailed humping in Blackmail, the private parts in Shusaku are expertly hidden from view. One only need the imagination to paint a rather nauseating picture of the school's headmaster's fondness for popping cherries and sticking his eggplant into the wrong hole. If that isn't too clear, let me spell it again. He loves virgins. He can't live without them. If you aren't a virgin, then expect to have your posterior violated in lieu of your maidenhead. Oh, and before I forget, he also makes it a point to spill his seed inside his victims. Fungus propagation? I dare say so.

Terms like "enema", "bondage", "torture", "human excrement", "piss" abound this anime. There really isn't any need to compose three paragraphs stating how much I abhor the fact that there were 3 volumes of Shusaku that I had to endure. Three volumes of non-stop jumps from one rape scene to another. You can probably just read my opinion of Blackmail. It's basically the same thing. The only advantage Shusaku has over Blackmail is that there is actually an intelligent female (a rare specimen in Freud-oriented h-anime) amidst the circle of idiocy and she does in fact survive without a scratch! Hallelujah!

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 7 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 7

Master Chief (08.03.2001)
Dull whimpers in the night...
Shusaku centers on the girls of the Shuseki Music Academy, who are being plagued by a maniacal old man, Kato Shusaku. Mr. Shusaku recently started working as the school cleanup man, but has decided to use his position to spy on the most beautiful of the girls and blackmail them into degrading and disgracing themselves. The plot is not the best in the world... OK, it's pretty lame and full of holes, but that doesn't do much to lessen the enjoyment.

First off, allow me to praise the design team for the amazing work they did in drawing this. As I was watching this, I couldn't help but think to myself "Why the hell are these people doing H anime?" I kid you not; the detail in the characters and environments easily rivals that of most mainstream anime OVAs and movies. And not just the pretty girls either. The old coot terrorizing them looks amazingly well-realized and believable, like that one janitor in school that always creeped the students out. I'm surprised to see an H anime drawn SO well, and I applaud the effort. The anime loses points in its ecchi level score for not showing penetration, but it's no big loss, especially when you consider that Shusaku has no recycled scenes that I could make out.

The sex itself is pretty good. Twisted as this may sound, there's an undeniable appeal in seeing these nubile, exquisitely designed girls being cruelly humiliated and dominated by their uncaring tormenter. Something Shusaku says to one of his victims defines the nature of the series: "We are not making love to each other. You are servicing me!" Other H anime made later (this came out in Japan in 1999) do this sort of thing, but make no mistake, Shusaku has an atmosphere that makes the rape scenes that much more intense. The one thing that may shut off some is the somewhat heavy bathroom/anal imagery. While it's not entirely graphic MOST of the time, Mr. Shusaku has a thing about the girls' asses, and sometimes their excretion. While often serving to emphasize his domination over his victims and not much of a problem, one scene that involves a girl with a problem, er, holding it in, did dampen the enjoyment a bit for me and could be a turnoff for some others too.

As is the case with NuTech Digital, the quality of the dubbing is rather lacking. They're either over acting, or they're under acting, which makes for a quick switch to the exceptional Japanese track. It's a shame too, because the sound is otherwise good, and that bad dub takes a lot out of the sound score. Is it too much to ask for a good Hentai dub? It seems so.

Flaws aside though, Shusaku makes for an excellent viewing experience, especially for people with domination and/or anal fetishes. Very much enjoyable, and highly recommended. I can barely wait to watch Shusaku Replay.

Art/Animation: 10 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 6 Sounds: 6 Ecchi Level: 8