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Sibling Secret Sibling Secret Sibling Secret Sibling Secret

Sibling Secret DVD
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Title: Sibling Secret
Genre: General Hentai, Romance
Credits: Anime 18

Cover Description: The Hungry Bear is a restaurant where carnal appetites are satisfied to order. The waitress, Mika, has just uncovered the secret life of her late sister, a woman who would perform any sexual act, no matter how bizarre! But the secret’s all in the sauce and Mika vows to service her clientele’s insatiable appetite for the exotic!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

anime_miz (10.23.2005)
Not the story I expected.
Sibling Secret strongly reminded me of several episodes of Cool Devices. Though not as perverse as Night Shift Nurses, what saves it is that it contains many of the fetishes popular in h-anime, save for cat girls or tentacle sex, and this title has it.

Sibling Secret is a two-episode title. The story is that Mika’s twin sister, Misato just died and Mika wants to take her role. She so desperately wants to continue where her sister left off that she willingly becomes a sex slave in the process. It reminds me of what happens in the Cool Devices episode: Fallen Angel Rina.

I had some expectations, but was quite disappointed. Like many other series, this had very little plot and a large helping of sex scenes. The details for Sibling Secrets were VERY explicit and some art abstraction is involved when the act was not meant to stand out. At least the male lead looked much better here than in Night Shift Nurses.

The male protagonist is a man named Jun, Misato’s fiancé and a waiter at the restaurant. Jun just happens to be a man of great perversion, taking charge of torturing Mika and Misato in the past. They tried to justify Jun’s reasons for the abuse by having him narrate that he can’t love or seemingly lived as he did after Misato’s death. That didn't work in my opinion; he still ended up looking like a jerk, which made me want to rearrange his face. Mika called Jun her older brother in one episode, and that still didn’t help make Jun more endearing. It didn’t get better when Jun was just thinking of his relationship with Misato — this reminded me plenty of Cool Devices’ Seek episodes.

The character development is weak. I was annoyed at the whiny begging tone of Mika. She was willing to submit herself to that kind of abuse. Another bit of exasperation I found was that every time Mika screamed for Jun to do her, she’d say something stupid like, “I want it, in my pussy…oh please!” which is one of the lines she actually used.

They had the sound censored and it got so very infuriating listening to the “bleep, bleep, bleep” that I almost muted it. This is different, and more annoying than when they use the mosaic to censor the privates. At least the sounds are there, even if you can’t see anything.

The art for this anime is well done, which is very common to new titles. I watched Sibling Secret in Japanese with English subtitles. There’s some discretion to be noted with this series, but if you’re looking for something that has lots of sex and very little plot, then this would be it.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 4 Characters: 3 Sounds: 6 Ecchi Level: 9