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Sin Sorority Sin Sorority Sin Sorority Sin Sorority

Sin Sorority
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Title: Sin Sorority
Genre: Drama
Credits: Anime 18

Cover Description: Asuna is a plucky coed with a dream of new friends and college glory days. Her dream becomes a raunchy reality when she's inducted into an erotic sorority! To become a member, she performs outrageous acts of debauchery as her sexy sisters instruct her in the arts of lust. Can Asuna master the carnal curriculum? Or will her new mistress strip her of her pride as well as her clothes?

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

EvilPants (06.15.2005)
Extremely bad...
Sin Sorority is part of the Extreme series from Anime 18 and it lives up to the flashy title by being extremely bad.

In Sin Sorority we're introduced to Asuna, a fresh new student to arrive at a very well-to-do-academy. Things go bad for Asuna right from the beginning as she clumsily bumps into the powerful ice queen Yurika, who insists that everyone on campus address her only as Mistress. Asuna ends up getting chewed out "No, not that way, that comes later" by Yurika for being so clumsy and not conducting herself with proper manners. Yurika ends up being the high and mighty number one bitch on campus who rules over her secret society with an iron fist. Being a fresh young face around the academy, Yurika wants to add to her collection of sex slaves, unbeknownst to Asuna. Later on Asuna is assaulted in the park by a group of Mistress's admirers who are jealous of her newly found interest in her, and so they slap her around and tear off her clothes and take nasty photos of her. Things just go from bad to worse for Asuna.

This is a prime example of what could have been a good show gone terribly wrong. The only accurate description I found on the back of the box after watching this show was that it does in fact take place at a college. That's it. This is simply one more innocent young girl that gets raped, ends up enjoying it and falling for her attacker. It's not even done in an interesting or progressive way. After having been raped twice, boom! She's all into it and has never felt such pleasure in all her life.

I was really surprised at how bad Sin Sorority was, considering Milky animation produced some of my favorite titles. The character designs are mediocre at best. All the girls pretty much look alike, down to the glass cutter noses. The only noticeable differences are the colors of eyes and hair. The animation itself is blocky and looks like they cut a lot of corners when it came to having the characters move. I was lured into buying Sin Sorority because of the misleading description and cover art that looks 10 times better than anything seen when you press play. I highly recommend passing on this title. Save your money for something substantially better and with a plot that isn't paper thin.

Art/Animation: 2 Story/Plot: 2 Characters: 1 Sounds: 3 Ecchi Level: 6