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Sins of the Flesh Sins of the Flesh Sins of the Flesh Sins of the Flesh

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Title: Sins of the Flesh
Genre: Drama
Credits: Tsuyoshi Tamaoki, Kitty Media

Cover Description: No One Can Resist the Sins of the Flesh!

Adolfo is a brilliant, talented artist. He wants nothing more than to enter the sacred brotherhood of the Church, and to devote his life to God. He lives his life painting frescos of angels on the ceiling of his church, and striving to be a man of God and Virtue. He fights everyday not to be led astray by the temptations of the flesh.

One day, while out in the countryside sketching with his friend Fernando, Adolfo meets and becomes enraptured with the beauty of a country girl called Michaela. He struggles with mounting indecent thoughts, uncontrollable desires of the flesh, wild erotic fantasies, and scorn for those who drink from the forbidden chalice of lust. Though he admonishes himself constantly for allowing his mind to stray from the Path and it's purity, he cannot stop fantasizing about carnal bliss with the beautiful Michaela.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.23.2001 edit 10.27.2001)
Another potential Hollywood steal...
Jealousy, lust, passion, betrayal, and greed all intertwined within one sacred place. How does an aspiring priest compete with all these temptations when he is determined to follow the ways of God? How does he handle the knowledge that the one person whom he believed he could trust with his salvation is the same person who would push him to eternal damnation?

If it weren't for the cheesy title, Sins of the Flesh has the makings of a serious non-conventional picture, with the potential to rise among the ranks of Hollywood films such as The Priest. Sins of the Flesh displays the dark, yet realistic, emotional struggles of those people who have been chosen to lead their religious flocks. This can be more understood by those who are Catholic, rather than by people who pretend to understand the teachings of the Catholic church. The brilliant presentation of symbolic elements, such as the moth drawn to a flame, have subtly yet effectively underlined the peril in which the priests have found themselves in. The imagery is nothing short of stunning, with the artwork and animation maintaining a creative balance with the equally impressive story line. All these and more have made SoF an excellent package that is truly worthy of being called a masterpiece.

NOTE (Update 10.27.2001): For the people who have written me good words regarding my defense of Sins of the Flesh, I thank you. Though I am no longer Catholic, I grew up in a very Catholic environment, with devout Catholic parents and equally devout Catholic schools since I was in my pre-school years. I may have had issues with the doctrines and dogmas that I have grown up with (memorized by heart and kept in my head), but I recently learned to live with them (as my parents and siblings are still very devout followers of this faith). What I have imbibed is very essential to my understanding of Sins of the Flesh because I lived it. I do not pretend to know it, because I lived it—seen it happen, breathed it. This is why I believe Sins of the Flesh is a very good watch and I stand by this decision knowing the circumstances surrounding it. It would be totally absurd for me to write a review about a subject I know little about. It would be like a food critic writing an essay for a weather column. Or a mushy romance anime lover writing something about sports animation, which she might know so little of. Or a sheltered conservative heterosexual woman who writes about lesbianism, thinking that lesbians generally are afflicted with penis-envy. This is why it's very important for reviewers to do a little research before passing judgment on whatever it is they're writing articles about, lest they be called shallow writers who do not know how to scratch beyond the surface. No amount of grammar correction can salvage articles drenched with ignorance.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 9 Characters: 8 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 7