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Spotlight Spotlight Spotlight Spotlight

Spotlight DVD
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Title: Spotlight
Genre: General Hentai, Romance
Credits: Critical Mass, (Vanilla Series)

Cover Description: Saori is cute, perky, and dreams of being a star! Along with the beautiful Yuna and the striking Erica, Saori is part of a new female pop group named Twinkle and this hot little group is ready for their big debut!

But this tantalizing trio is about to discover that the music industry is ruthless and demanding of its female artists! First, band manager Masaki decides to give Yuna and Erica a special session in pleasure and pain... Then, as lead singer, it's up to Saori to get the band past Kijima, the shady don of the entertainment business. Using his position to fulfill his wildest desires with all of the hot new pop idols, he'll never even consider giving anyone a chance at a big break until after his carnal desires have been satisfied. Saori's mother knows this all too well; to get Twinkle noticed, she's already given in to his erotic demands.

Meanwhile, a rival pop group, the Lovely Ladies, is determined to win Kijima's favor first! They're three buxom starlets, training hard in all of the don's favorite sensual techniques and they'll do anything and anyone to win! It's become a race of lust...will Saori give up her body for one chance in the spotlight?

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

anime_miz (10.17.2005)
One lucky Stud!
As the description covers, this is the attempt of an idol group to rise in the singing stardom. There are just some problems along the way, namely a rival group called Lovely Ladies. Spotlight covers two episodes. I liked this hentai. In terms of plot, there was a bit of a romantic perspective, unlike most of the other series where there seem to be sex every second. There are breaks of dialogue in Spotlight. However, don’t for once forget that this is hentai.

The art and animation are very well drawn, very crisp. Sex is explicitly drawn. There are plenty of cute girls, some sex toys, group sex, fingers and mouths used, and some anal sex. Spotlight is mostly filled with heterosexual couplings, save for a rape scene in episode 1 and an orgy scene in episode 2. There are a total of about nine scenes of sex, so this flick was well worth it in terms of being able to “get off”, so to speak.

There are about seven predominant females in this one and Masaki, the male lead, gets to have sex with five of them and then have two of those girls want to shag him again. I think that qualifies him for Studhood. Masaki, like many of the male leads in hentai during the past several years, is quite handsome.

Character development was all right. Sometimes they would be too one-dimensional, but there was at least an attempt at explanations as to why some characters act the way they do. Saori, despite being seen as the female lead, is not as well-developed as Masaki. She came off as an airhead. Now if you count stepbrother-stepsister pairings as incest, then it actually motivates Masaki as to why he had certain sex the way he did. Despite the shallowness of Saori’s character, I actually found Masaki and Saori’s relationship to be so romantic.

The one character that really surprised me is Saori’s mom, who actually has a dark and selfish motive. That part of character development was quite weak and you don't realize her real personality until the end, which made things somewhat confusing. She keeps mentioning that she had a promise to her dead husband, Masaki’s father, but still sleeps with Kijima, who’s an old man. This was the one part I didn’t find realistic. With the way Kijima looks, how is it that he’s still virile and can pound away like a 30 year old?

I wouldn’t feel sorry for the the Lovely Ladies's endings. They deserved it. It certainly seemed very consensual. It was also funny when they approached Kijima and were rejected, then given a solution. You'll have to find out for yourself what happened to them.

The voices aren’t that bad in English. They weren't that annoying except for a few minor parts. I preferred watching it in Japanese because I always like the original sounds a lot better.

I'm not sure how other people might find this title. I just happen to recommend it to anyone who wants to find a shallow romantic angle with a great deal of sex.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 9