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Stainless Night Stainless Night Stainless Night Stainless Night

Stainless Night DVD
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Title: Stainless Night
Genre: Horror
Credits: Elf Production (US License)

Cover Description: After ten years of dormancy, a Linear awakes from a capsule in the countryside of Japan. Without any memories, she wanders into a small research center staffed by three beautiful women. Sayako, one of the researchers, is entranced by the strange woman and falls in love. Leaving Misuzu, her present lover, Sayako takes the stranger to bed, and finds that her abilities are beyond that of any ordinary woman! However, a second capsule opened shortly after Linear's, and soon all four of the women will be in terrible danger.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (02.10.2002)
Anything but stain-less
This was a title that has been sitting on my shelves for months because I forgot to write an opinion about it. Good thing people at the boards ask questions about hentai anime and I was reminded that there was something missing from Hentai Neko's list. So for those who have been inquiring about this, sorry for the oversight.

Stainless Night reminded me of an old semi-hentai anime called Kimera (see Otaku Fridge for reference). The introduction is similar, where a beautiful woman with a mysterious past arrives in a capsule. This woman, however, is born from a decade-old technology that is beyond present comprehension. Her name is Linear. Now, guess why the title is called Stainless Night? Chances are you are correct in assuming that it has something to do with metal. But if you're thinking that "stainless" has anything to do with virtue, then I think you might have found yourself in the wrong site.

Stainless Night is for the yuri fan, particularly the yuri fan who devotes himself to Freudian concepts. Linear is discovered by a group of horny females, namely Mizusu, Sayaka, and Aki, who are into some sort of a love triangle. Mizusu is after Sayaka, but Aki is deeply obsessed with Mizusu that she goes around plastering herself on the older girl too. The situation is a bit funny, reminding me of FAKE (JJ-chases-Dee-chases-Ryo), except the protagonists of Stainless Night are females. Unfortunately the sense of romance isn't as sigh inducing as FAKE since these are women that exist in a true-blooded Freudian hentai anime. They are built to be promiscuous, so you already know what to expect when they do find the perfect android Linear—beautiful body, beautiful sex toy, who has the uncanny ability to please both genders. You also get plus points because Linear has a sinister sister built from the same material. You figure it out.

Lastly, most sex scenes aren't that detailed, but is defined by romantic music and gentle lovemaking.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 7 Sounds: 9 Ecchi Level: 6