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Stepsister Stepsister Stepsister Stepsister

Stepsister DVD
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Title: Stepsister
Genre: Drama
Credits: Anime 18

Cover Description: Witness the craziest family reunion ever as Kyosuke meets his luscious stepsister, who'll do anything to keep him close. She and her sexy mother crave more than just comfort- they are masochists who lust for a strong hand to whip them into shape! Kyosuke rises to the challenge, and the erotic encounter will leave both ladies {and you} gasping for more. Guess who's coming home for the holidays!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

EvilPants (06.30.2005)
Stupid box, don't tell me what I'll gasp for!
Stepsister is another notch in the belt of the Xtreme series from Anime 18. For something supposedly Xtreme, Stepsister sure falls short on the extreme side.

Ok, so Kyosuke is an angry young man. His father has just died and the only family he has left is his stepmother Megumi, whom he blames for causing his parents' break up and the subsequent death of his mother, and his stepsister Yuna, who has a real big crush on him. To add to all that, he's the sole inheritor of his father's estate and art. Now that he's in charge, he wants Megumi and Yuna to pack their bags and get the hell out. But then Megumi brings to his attention that he's about to face some serious inheritance tax problems. She offers to help him out in exchange for all his fathers paintings, which would cost him severely should he keep them, and to stay with him until things are settled. Megumi sweetens the deal by offering Yuna do to with as he pleases. So he does.

Things start playing out. The more Kyosuke abuses and uses Yuna to satisfy his sadistic nature, the more she likes it and begins to crave it. She intentionally upsets him so he'll punish her. But why would Yuna agree to all this, you ask? Good question because she doesn't like being alone. She likes having a big brother. She also gets to keep living there, along with a big brother that ties her up, violates and punishes her. Sweet little girl, don't you think?

Anyway, the plot is pretty minimal but you do get a surprise at the end regarding the father's past. It ends just as I had predicted.

There is sort of a bonus in the names of the chapters, which are accurate and funny like "Mother Blows Best" and "Shampoo Tang", just to name a few. I like cute little tidbits like that in a DVD.

Stepsister isn't a bad show. It's not a great show either. It's just somewhere down the middle of the road. The animation is decent; there are no repeating frames to save money and everything does have a nice, smooth-looking feel to it. Personally, I didn't think it deserved its Xtreme title. I've seen other shows that would make this look like an episode of Pokemon. Then again, others may not have.

Art/Animation: 6 Story/Plot: 4 Characters: 5 Sounds: 6 Ecchi Level: 7