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Tales of Misbehavior Tales of Misbehavior Tales of Misbehavior Tales of Misbehavior

Tales Series DVD
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Title: Tales of Misbehavior
Genre: Comedy
Credits: Ujin, Kitty Media

Cover Description: In this second spicy collection, we have three new tantalizing tales. First, Lusty Long-Distance Commute gives a straight-laced Salaryman his wildest fantasy on a crowded train! Too bad she didn't know about...

Next, in Matches for You we have a match-selling woman who bares it all, for a price. Lastly, we have the ever-lovely Part-Time Nurse, who knows just what it takes to get her patients to bend over and take it!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.13.2001)
Time to review Sigmund Freud's writings...
True to the Tales Series' comedic formula, Tales of Misbehavior brings a spicy thread of whacko encounters. It has a disturbing sense of realism, though. Like when I was still in college and I would take the bus to and from my house. I would encounter sex maniacs like that guy in Lusty Long-distance Commute. Good thing I was always armed with a sharp pencil, he he. That trusty .5 mechanical thing taught those animals not to mess with me because they could most likely end up just like that egotistic body-builder in Part-Time Nurse.

Another funny close-to-realism fact that Tales of Misbehavior tries to get across the audience is that a lot of people try to be in accordance with Emily Post 24 hours a day. Sometimes, to the point of obsession. Such emotional suppression can't be healthy as it might unleash the id in the most horrible of manners. When it does, expect a lot of embarrassing moments. Tsk tsk!

I guess what I find highly fascinating about U-jin's titles, this one in particular, is that despite having butt-ugly male characters, you can't help but poke fun at their usual antics. Whether they are being deliberately stupid for the sake of comic relief or just happen to be accidentally funny, I can't deny the fact that it really is entertaining. You can't imagine the number of side comments that come out of my mouth at every scene. Another bonus: the girls are so...kawaii!

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 5

canimal (10.28.2001)
My eyes! My eyes!!!
Tales of... was one of the first titles I've had the displeasure of seeing and it remained at the top of my vomit-scale since. (Yes, I have a vomit scale... is that so bad?)

Though the girl characters are cute as buttons and the humor in the stories isn't lost on me, the male characters in this series are so amazingly ugly they absolutely turn my stomach. Having to see these hideous characters is one of the biggest turn-offs I have ever experienced, and by this I mean a turn off to watch anime, hentai, people in general, eat... As a bonus to the guys' disgusting features, U-Jin chose to show a river of blood *gushing* out of their noses at an average of twice per tale. Though I can see why the characters' ugliness is essential to the humor in these situations, I'd rather poke my eyes out with flaming rusty nails, then see these guys get themselves off.

Watching this is very conflicting since the girls are such a pleasure to see and the stories are unique and kind of great, but the cost is a little much. So, in conclusion, If by some freak accident of fates you happen to get a hold of one of these episodes, I suggest you watch them with your friends, and keep each other entertained with sarcastic remarks over the rising graph that U-Jin called an erection.

Art/Animation: 4 Story/Plot: 9 Characters: 1 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 6