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Tragic Silence Tragic Silence Tragic Silence Tragic Silence

Tragic Silence DVD
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Title: Tragic Silence
Genre: Dark / Romance
Credits: 2003 Wide Road, NuTech Digital Inc.

Cover Description:
Luticia is a vampire. However, she has fallen in love with her childhood friend, a human named Shou. She is afraid that their love will not be able to overcome their differences... Rick, a vampire from Luticia's clan, is murdered by a woman from Shou's village. Rick had been having an affair with her, and the vampires are enraged to find out that Rick has been sleeping with humans instead of preying on them. Regardless, the clan starts planning to revenge the murder of their own kind. Humans are also enraged to discover the existence of vampires in the vicinity, and they are also planning to find and destroy the vampires! What will happen to Luticia and Shou? Will their love survive the hatred between their people? A tragic love story, spiced with loads of hot, steamy, hardcore sex!!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (01.05.2004)
Aw…fully Sweet
This has a rather…err, comical ending statement for a DVD back cover. It actually gave me the idea that this anime will be one of those cheap productions that are supposed to be sad but they'd make you laugh anyway. Let's just say, this time, I didn't get what I expected—in a good way.

What we have here is a serious—and I mean that because it's one h-anime that I'm not making fun of—Romeo and Juliet type story that pits humans against vampires. Make that multiple Romeos and Juliets, seeing as our protagonists Luticia and Shou are not the only ones that make a tragic pair.

Luticia has spent all her life keeping her friendship with Shou a secret. But Shou grows up, and he realizes that it's not just her friendship he wants. He's talking "forever." On another side of the town, a prissy old maid is having an illicit affair with a vampire. At first glance you'd think the undead lover is just using her, but look again. On yet another side of the town is Shou's friend, a man who would do anything for love. Even at the cost of his life. And his girl is more or less on the same line of thinking. One of these pairs ends up in tragedy, thereby disrupting the secret havens of the other couples. Humans and vampires wage war and it becomes only a matter of time before each individual would have to choose between their clans or their loves.

I must commend Tragic Silence for piquing my interest. Since only the first volume has been released in R1 DVD, I'm looking forward to seeing how Luticia, and the rest, would overcome boundaries. There can only be two endings I can think of, but how they get where is the question that intrigues me. In any case, I would say that Tragic Silence is for the hopeless romantic. There is nothing in here that would offend squeamish fans, save probably for that crudely put last sentence at the back cover.

Sex scenes are abundant, but very conventional. At least for the first volume, that is. Art and animation are done with digital flair, though they sometimes swing from being really beautiful to being sub par. English dubbing is pretty decent, considering NuTech's penchant for bringing in porn actresses who do horrible voice-overs. And the extras? I don't know if I just bought a reject or they're really showing image galleries of a different h-anime in all of the Tragic Silence DVDs that went out.

Overall, I have yet to decide whether I like this series or not. But for the meantime, I'll just give the first volume a nice 8.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 7 Sounds: 6 Ecchi Level: 8