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Twisted Tales of Tokyo Twisted Tales of Tokyo Twisted Tales of Tokyo Twisted Tales of Tokyo

Twisted Tales of Tokyo
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Title: Twisted Tales of Tokyo
Genre: Horror
Credits: Central Park Media

Cover Description: First, Wicked Trio, a special three-part erotic omnibus, takes a peek at an illicit affair, a fantasy world where some decidedly wild creatures dwell, and a sensualistic S&M love triangle! Contains The Affair, Lust in Space, and S'extra Credit.

Then, The Naughty Professor will teach you a lesson you'll never forget! Professor Momone appears to be a model college professor, but beneath her goody-goody facade lays a repressed masochist. And 19-year-old college student Hino knows exactly what she wants!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (06.28.2001 ed. 09.20.2003)
It wasn't until I decided to watch this again for the revision of my HN write-up, that I realized my neighbors must've been wondering what the racket was all about. Two words: Noise pollution. You would need to adjust your volume to the lowest possible state because the women of Twisted Tales would scream endlessly in their—you won't believe this—monotonous voices. I'm actually surprised that these voice "actresses" could go one decibel higher and still sound like they were reading the nutritional facts on a cereal box. I would've gladly switched to English subtitles and then mute the darned thing, but the problem is I have the VHS, not the DVD.

Twisted Tales of Tokyo features four episodes: The Affair, which is a short about a young girl and her elderly lover; Lust in Space, about some female characters who are doing something with some aliens—hard to figure out what they were doing as the ear-piercing yelling overpowered the dialogues; S'Extra Credit, revolves around a teacher and her forbidden affairs with her students; and The Naughty Professor, another teacher-student story, this time steeped in S&M.

Three things all of the episodes have in common are (1) the noise, (2) the next to zero animation—mostly painfully evident in Lust in Space—and (3) the average artwork. All stories in Twisted Tales don't have any coherent plotlines, save for the last, so let me just tell you my take on it. The Naughty Professor is a deceiving title. In fact, I had nothing but pity for the professor because she is not only goody-goody, she also doesn't have a backbone. All the sexually explicit actvities she's involved in aren't actually done of her own accord, but are in fact forced on her by a student. Maybe she is a masochist, but it's only because of her own weakness in standing up to somebody who should have been beneath her authority. And then here's another thing that boggles the mind. The student who bullies her suddenly does a 180-degree turn near the end, which I think is done all-too-quickly to be consistent.

As for the rest of the package, let's just say they're probably front act for The Naughty Professor. Hentai scenarios to expect are the usual—lesbian loving, anal fucking, blow jobs, tentacle fests etc. The one thing unusual I noticed was the pee-drinking scene in The Affair. Now that's really twisted.

Overall, I think Twisted Tales of Tokyo is just a notch better than Co-Ed Affairs, and only because it made my husband and I laugh at its sheer inanity. I mean, how can you listen to a woman say, "You're so mean to me, Hino!" and then at the same breath, opens her pussy and exclaim, "Okay, how about this?" It wouldn't have been so funny if she weren't looking so pathetic. Other than that amusing instance, I think this particular title is full of shit. They should thank Co-Ed Affair's existence. At least they weren't the worst in this genre.

Art/Animation: 5 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 2 Sounds: 3 Ecchi Level: 3