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Virtua Call Virtua Call Virtua Call Virtua Call

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Title: Virtua Call
Genre: Drama / Fantasy
Credits: SoftCel Pictures

Cover Description: Emily has a problem. It's her big brother Hasegawa. Well, he's not really her brother, he's just another boarder in the condos where Emily lives, but he's always treated her like an older brother. Trouble is Emily doesn't necessarily want a big brother. However, when Hasegawa develops woman trouble, Emily decides to help him improve his confidence and his chances of scoring with the woman of his dreams by introducing him to Virtuacall, a virtual meeting place for men and women where you can see, hear and, most importantly, touch your dreams.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (08.03.2001)
Is that Super SailorMoon's staff I see?
Okay, so you will see Super SailorMoon's staff in the opening frame. You will also see a dark Belldandy look-alike sometime during the first episode. However, Virtua Call is not about shoujo, or magical goddesses, or even mecha. The concept that Virtua Call wants to portray isn't actually something new, but it is still quite a stimulating topic. It's one that is commonly known as "Virtual Reality". Imagine, you can do anything you want—even have sex with the person of your dreams—without having to physically go through the trouble of working for it? This is the perfect solution for the shy individual who does not know how to express his/her feelings for the one he/she loves.

About 80% of Virtua Call is centered on a romantic triangle that isn't as irksome as End of Summer or as asinine as the Heat Series. Hasegawa, the love interest of our female protagonist Emily, has actually gained my respect throughout the course of my viewing hour. At first I thought, "Oh dear gawd, not another confused insensitive guy whose taste in women starts from the bra and ends in her panties!" I definitely don't need another perverted flick that tries but desperately fails at seriousness. I was in for a pleasant surprise, nonetheless. Virtua Call tried. Virtua Call delivered. In fact, you can cut all the sex scenes, repackage it as a regular video, and you can still come up with an anime that does not make you gnash your teeth in fury. This title is a light hentai drama with a little tinge of comedy and a bittersweet final twist that had me rolling over the floor with laughter. This crazy event happens when you travel all the way from Japan to Welfenland to finish the last minutes of the final volume. Although Hasegawa's situation at the end is a little bit exaggerated, I must say I'm quite amused at how things are at Welfenland. Maybe I should live there? Nah, just kidding!

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 7