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Venus 5 Venus 5 Venus 5 Venus 5

Venus 5 DVD
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Title: Venus 5
Genre: Supernatural / Shoujo
Credits: Anime 18

Apatt's Description: Five leggy schoolgirls (whose names escape me) form the Venus 5 team, destined to battle the pervert Necros and the lords of the Inma Empire. The Empire plans to revive the god Apollo from his ten thousand year slumber and receive his gift of near-infinite power. Alas, when an alarm clock the size of an elephant won't do the trick, they have to resort to raping certain teenage girls (the V5 team themselves) and using the umm... biological secretion of such activities as a wake up call. The Venus 5 girls are of course, working for the side of good, specifically the Goddess Aphrodite herself. The girls are also aided, trained, advised and leered at by a horny fat cat who is the liaison between them and Aphrodite.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Hentai with His Head on Fire
Okay Spoof... One Good Character
Sailor Moon probably saw this one coming. As did we all. Personally, I kinda like it. It's plot it just transparent enough, the acting is just bad enough, and the characters are just obvious enough to make it a good spoof. It's funny, really it is.

Okay, the voice acting is enough to make most people cringe, but you gotta give the cat a hand. There's nothing cooler then someone who actually reacts like a normal person one. Bucha (I think is the cat's name) is the only anime character I've seen that makes me feel like his lines were improved (save, of course, the entire cast of the dubbed Shinesman).

The entire demon-sex thing happens to be the staple of h-anime and one of the only reasons I'll watch it. If you want normal sex go and see a porno. The little multi-eyed salamander things kinda irked me. They reminded me of so many video game badguys and just sort of always popped up, out of nowhere, and were there merely for irritation.

The fact that Aphrodite, the Venus 5 team's patron, is a stuck up bitch really made the movie as well. It's nice seeing that even the good guys can be poorly managed.

Watch the movie for Bucha... and that's it.

Art/Animation: - Story/Plot: - Characters: - Sounds: - Ecchi Level: -

skysenshi (07.13.2001)
Naoko Takeuchi should be flattered
Yes, Venus 5 is a complete Bishoujo Senshi rip-off. Everything that is mentioned by our esteemed reviewer above is all true. So what I'll do is add more of my observation into the fray. Here are a few more things that are very similar to BSSM:

  1. Where else will you be able to find a talking cat who gives our teenagers sound advice on a regular basis?
  2. Venus Blue is a nerd in glasses. SailorMercury, the Senshi of Ice, was an academics freak.
  3. Venus Red is a bit haughty and arrogant, but really classy. SailorMars, the Senshi in Red of BSSM, was also a bit of a snob.
  4. Venus Green is tomboyish and wouldn't back out of a fight. Sailor Jupiter, the green-outfitted Senshi of BSSM, is also into fisticuffs.
  5. Venus Purple, the 5th Senshi, is a celebrity. Sailor Venus, the 5th Senshi of BSSM already had a celebrity status because she was first known as Sailor V--long before SailorMoon even became SailorMoon.
  6. The villains' female head honcho had 4 handsome right hand lords. Evil Queen Beryl of BSSM had 4 gorgeous generals by her side.
  7. Dear gawd, just listen to Venus 5's henshin music! You can actually sing "Whoohoohoo...SailorMoon!" with it.
  8. The transformation "dance" with all the twirling, lifting of feet and arms is definitely BSSM trademark.

If it weren't for the crude art and animation, I may find myself amused at such an obvious rip-off.

Despite all this, I was able to enjoy Venus 5! Can you believe that? My reasons are simple. One, unlike BSSM, the lead character isn't a spotlight hog. Venus Pink isn't like SailorMoon who has to be the be-all and end-all of just about every episode. Two, the men don't look like girls in boy's clothes. Third, the cat actually looks like a cat!

The only thing that I found missing here are Outer Senshi equivalents / counterparts and a bit personality for the Venus 5 members. It's also unfortunate that the dashing lords (I find Lords Uranus and Neptune very attractive) have not-so-desirable-looking alter-egos. Other than that, the show is actually enjoyable, especially when I'm having so much fun identifying the similarities to Ms. Takeuchi's SailorMoon.

Art/Animation: 6 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 7 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 7