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Virgin Touch Virgin Touch Virgin Touch Virgin Touch

Virgin Touch DVD
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Title: Virgin Touch
Genre: Mystery
Credits: 2001-2002 Silky's·Zeus / Pink Pineapple / Kitty Media

Cover Description: Yusaku is heading home for the first time in eight years. He is a medical student about to take on a summer internship in the country working at his uncle's clinic.

While on the train, he becomes smitten with a young woman sitting across from him, but is unable to summon the courage to speak to her. When he arrives in his hometown, he is reunited with friends from his childhood, and get introduced to gorgeous nurses, patients, and mysterious young girls. It is only a matter of time before Yusaku runs into the beautiful woman he saw on the train.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (02.13.2005)
What do birds have to do with it?
Besides the fact that you'd see swans flying in the background sometimes, I still haven't figured out why this is alternately called "Flutter of Birds". The title "Virgin Touch", however, seems more appropriate, seeing as how Yusaku seems to be popping everyone's cherries here.

I somewhat see Virgin Touch as a "bleh" hentai feature, where the progress is really slow and where romance is carelessly forced. Sure, the protagonist seems like a kind-hearted enough individual, and the women he encounters are a mixed bag. This should have produced interesting results. I mean, some of the girls' plights are slightly unusual—there's your regular antagonist/bully; a bubbly minx that secretly harbors a crush on Yusaku; an exhibitionist nurse; and an insecure, bulimic lass. These characteristics alone would make it seem that Virgin Touch was based on a bishoujo game. Unfortunately, it drones on and on like a badly paced b-game. I thought I was going to have to nod off and postpone watching this for another day.

I think I was thrown into a vat filled with ennui as I watched Yusaku move from one girl to the next. Yep, don't let that deceitful cover description make you delude yourself into thinking that the mysterious girl from the train is the end-all and be-all of this flick. Funny, but for something with ultra-slow pacing, Virgin Touch's story appears hurried. The women just have the uncanny ability to disappear from the entire scenario the minute Yusaku balls them. The thing that bothers me most is that most of the females he beds are tragically ill. I don't know about you guys, but I think only a sicko could even consider making love to people who are close to dying. In some ways, even if Yusaku is painfully nice, he reminds me of Doctor Shameless.

To its credit, Virgin Touch doesn't shock you or numb your senses with disturbing bloody deflowerization sequences. The sex is always gentle and a bit on the conventional side. Nothing nasty or disgusting that would kill those who are faint of heart. The artwork is average but the colors are crisp and lively. A bit of 3D CGs are also thrown in once in a while to add depth to particularly dramatic scenes.

Shining moments? Well, one particular scene jolted me awake. It's when one of the girls started screaming Yusaku's name and it sounded hilariously like, "You suck!" Heh. Well, that's excellent English dubbing for you. (Although from the way I see his foreplay techniques, I'm considering the thought that the poor chit really meant to say that he sucked.)

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 6 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 7