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Visionary Visionary Visionary Visionary

Visionary / Vixens
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Title: Visionary (Newly titled Vixens)
Genre: Comedy
Credits: Anime 18

Cover Description: Meet the sexiest android ever to travel through time... and her circus full of naughty animal pals! Her mission: to help a 19-year-old computer nerd to lose his virginity! Can she find a way to overcome his "shortcomings?"

Also, a pair of adventurous lovers discover that the sky really is the limit, a college campus is beset by sex-crazed vampires, and much more!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.07.2001 ed. 05.18.2003)
Definitely a U-Jin Brand!
This is definitely another "I Dream of Jeannie" type of ecchi production wherein you have a nifty little helper to save you from perpetual virginity…among other things. But wait! That's not all this title offers. See, most of the mini-episodes that come with this package are obviously spoofs of actual anime. Who else uses the name Doraemon, huh? Well, if a blue creature that looks like a cross between a penguin and a cat is what enters your mind, believe me, it isn't the same Doraemon we are talking about. Doraemon in Visionary is the cute android on screenshot 4.

So what else is in this package? There are basically 5 stories, where the first two actually spotlights Yujita, the computer nerd who's desparately trying to lose his virginity. The last three are more like bonuses. Episode #3 is about a shy young lad, Koban, who falls in love with an Urara look-alike. Sounds simple enough, but when you find out how the guy gets to go on his dream date (with the help of trusted friend Sameo), you'd wonder why you've never thought of his tactics. Episode #4 revolves around a girl who dreams of becoming an idol. Said girl is so determined, she's willing to pay any price—and you know what that phrase means in hentaidom—just to get what she wants. And lastly, Episode #5 is Vampire hentai for you. Drool-worthy females become the target of kidnapping and it's up to a particular savior to uh…save the day.

Trust U-Jin to come up with lead characters that are either hilariously sick (even for H standards) or unforgivably ugly. In Visionary, there are a lot of both, especially in the first two presentations. I swear, I developed the worst gas pains due to excessive laughter while Doraemon and Yujita experimented with one sexual tool after another. There are also the trademark sudden twists that U-jin is known for putting into anime, like when the people you should actually care about are not really what they seem.

As expected, the hentai scenes are very light. You don't get to see much of the details that every pervert looks forward to. Numerous symbolic instances are used in lieu of actual sex organs, such as flowers, snakes, fish, and even an Ultraman look-alike!

Oh, I forgot to mention some of the women here have horrible fashion sense. Imagine wearing your panties outside your tights, or wearing socks over silk stockings? Ew!

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 5