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Wife Eater Wife Eater Wife Eater Wife Eater

Wife Eater DVD
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Title: Wife Eater (Tsumamigui)
Genre: Romance
Credits: Alice Soft, Soft Gare, Pink Pineapple

Cover Description: It has been one year since Chiho became a widow, and her nights alone have become lonely. It's a good thing that her friend Kanae is there to help. Kanae is experienced; she's been married for eight years and she knows just what Chiho needs… A little spice, a little color, and some new scenery are what's missing from Chiho's life...

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (04.10.2005)
This is supposed to be romantic...
Wife Eater is the answer to Maison Ikkoku and Love Hina fans who have prayed so hard to find hentai versions of the two series. One big apartment complex, eccentric neighbors with annoying habits, a bevy of beautiful girls, one man who longs after one beauty while basking in the attention of other these ring a bell? If the yellow and green turtle doesn't remind you of Love Hina's Tamogo, then you are either too young to be browsing this site or too old to appreciate the mid 90s anime titles.

Wife Eater has more in common with Maison Ikkoku, however. This is mainly because Chiho, the female protagonist, had just been recently widowed, much like Maison's Kyoko. One funny trademark I noticed that Wife Eater must have gotten from Maison is the fact you will not see the dead husband's face in pictures. Maison Ikkoku did it properly, by blackening the husband's figure. Wife Eater's method is silly, because the photographs had the upper half of the husband's face cropped. I can't help but laugh at a grieving widow who cries over half a face.

There really isn't anything here that you haven't seen in Maison Ikkoku or Love Hina, except for the contrived paths leading to the sex scenes. See, our male hero is infatuated with Chiho, and he ends up taking love lessons from Kanae. In the course of his tutorials, he gets into these "accidents" that lets him into the pants of another neighbor. Note that while all this is going on, I manage to resist the urge to slap the guy silly. Chiho, woman with strong intuition that she is, knows something's going on between the loser and Kanae, but he keeps telling her that he's only being tutored by Kanae. Talk about sin of omission. The cad! In any case, I'm not really fond of his pillow talk. I mean, would you actually find it romantic if a guy who proclaims undying love tells you, "Let me fuck you," or, "Can I fuck you now?" Apparently, Kanae hasn't taught the boy enough. For all my readers, this advice is free: Use the words "make love" if you want to be taken seriously...especially during the first time.

I guess you could consider the situation romantic if you soap the lead character's mouth. But then, there are too many weird stuff going on in Wife Eater. A girl named Alice, who happens to be clothed in maid's uniform, introduces you to the story. Then suddenly, you see this other girl, who's supposed to be watching out for evil space aliens. Before you ask me what evil space aliens have got to do with this flick, I am telling you now that I have no friggin' idea. Two characters, the Nabiki Tendo rip off and the sex store clerk, were probably inserted to make Wife Eater more interesting but somehow they only manage to look like negligible props.

The artwork and animation are hit or miss - they could be really exquisite or bleh, depending on the angles. The eyecatch sequences are constant in their cuteness, though. Hentai scenes are average at best, although they definitely do not scrimp on the details. English dubbing is the usual mediocre stuff so you might want to switch to Japanese if you want to maximize your viewing entertainment.

Now for one last gripe. The Japanese title of this package is Tsumamigui. Whoever thought that Wife Eater sounds better should have his carcass tied to a pole and whipped.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 7 Sounds: 6 Ecchi Level: 8