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Words Worth Words Worth Words Worth Words Worth

Words Worth Boxed Set
Hentai Item Shop

Title: Words Worth
Genre: Fantasy
Credits: NuTech
Screenshots: Courtesy of Animanga.Com

Cover Description: The legend has survived for generations. The Words Worth tablet, which holds the secrets of the Universe, has been shattered. The warring tribes of Light and Shadow blame each other, and their accusations lead to all out war! Featuring the voices of adult film stars Jenna Jameson and Nikki Dial.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

MasterChief (07.12.2002)
Final Fantasy XXX
Words Worth is actually rather entertaining for reasons other than the sex. The story centers around the young prince of the Shadow tribe, Astral, as the war between the tribes of Light and Shadow eventually sends him hurtling across the lands and driving himself between various women's legs. The fantasy world is well realized, with a huge variety of different races (pig people!?), and very well designed environments for both Light and Shadow realms. The one thing that bothered me is that the underlying story, the things that happen AROUND Astral, is overshadowed by the series' sex scenes, especially disappointing with only 5 half-hour episodes. I would have loved to see a longer, less rushed version of Words Worth because the story is excellent stuff. The sex is rather standard stuff, with a moderate level of detail, nothing as explicit as Shusaku Replay, though hardly soft core. Obviously, it helps to have good design, and Words Worth has it. Though not as beautiful as Inmu or Shusaku in terms of design, the characters are a pleasure to look at, with a decent amount of detail. Nina looks especially cute. As for vocals, the Japanese track is awesome, but the English track is a bit bland. It seems as though everyone BUT Jenna is trying, but the talent simply isn't there. Voices aren't deadpan, but the lines come off so poorly one almost wishes they were. The sound effects otherwise are fairly standard, though this one earns special credit for believable sword collision noises.

In closing, I'd say Words Worth is worth it for a good $50 for the box on Amazon. I don't regret buying it - I only wish there was more.

Art/Animation: 6 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 7