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Xpress Train / Chikan Densha Xpress Train / Chikan Densha Xpress Train / Chikan Densha Xpress Train / Chikan Densha

Xpress Train DVD
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Title: Xpress Train DVD
Genre: Comedy
Credits: Anime 18

Cover Description: Follow a young man as he recovers from thinking his life has been ruined by being blamed for groping a woman on the subway. He meets an old man who calls himself 'the God of Groping' and becomes an apprentice, learning the Way of Groping.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

anime_miz (11.13.2005)
Of groping proportions!
Imagine getting away with something that is illegal, but is broken in every way. Xpress Train is a modern day hentai of groping proportions. It is released by the same company that handled Girl Next Door, Spotlight, and Stepmother’s Sin.

It has the same setting as like Midnight Sleazy Train, but that’s where the similarities end. Japan is known for being a place that has a large population and supported by an intricate mass transportation system. The crowds of passenger on the train are like sardines in a can. There are so many people. Incidental touching can be a problem, especially if that’s the purpose of a particular passenger.

Kazuo is a white collar worker, innocently traveling on the train everyday…before he starts to notice something much unexpected. Amidst the rest of the other passengers, some men were groping women. At some point, it becomes so lascivious that he’d witness actual sex on the public train.

One time, being curious himself, he tries it and gets caught. He then meets an old man, who, in time, teaches him to become a master groper on the train. Kazuo learns slowly, passing situation exams, and doing well for himself…until he gropes Reiko.

The art for this title is a lot like the other recent titles being released: details galore. Characters: crisp and Photoshop/computer animated to the point of boredom. Kazuo reminds me of Ryouji Kaji from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Reiko reminds me of Mizuho from Onegai Sensei.

This feature explores many heterosexual fetishes. Finger action is a dominant tool on the Xpress Train, with vibrators and cameras being available as well.

Xpress Train has pretty nice background music; one can certainly imagine the sun setting in an urban location. As for sounds of sex, gasping and heavy breathing are constant. The Japanese and English dialogue sound fine, so I have no complaints there. Some of the dialogues can be quite hilarious. You wouldn’t imagine someone shouting, “But I don’t lick! Come!” Or, “Let the groping be with you!”

My opinion is that this is a lot better than Sex Train, but the story’s not realistic. The participants are actually consensual. In reality, a person could be slapped with disorderly conduct, rape, etc. It is also unbelievable to exhibit such behavior in a train and not being seen by a good number of people.

Xpress Train though, is an enjoyable watch with a compelling story — turning a despised topic into a fun, humorous romp. This hentai also has equates actual emotions with character explanations. Definitely a pretty good work.

Art/Animation: 5 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 6 Ecchi Level: 7