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Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni

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Title: Yoni (Youshou / Midnight Strike Force)
Genre: Suspense
Credits: Miami Soft

Skysenshi's Description: In an area unknown to civilization, a group of female monks perform experimentations on hapless victims—an evil plot to resurrect a very powerful woman who had gone into eternal slumber. The disappearance of these unfortunate people doesn't go unnoticed, for there is one thing all victims have in common: they were patients in a hospital for the handicapped.

Three beautiful undercover agents pose as nurses in order to retrieve information about the secret cult and its connection to the hospital. They suspect it has something to do with advanced science and a sinister legend that's about to repeat itself. What they don't know is that they'd need more than their high-flying kicks and spectacular gadgets to complete this mission. Destroying the cult is not the only thing they would have to deal with…

Skysenshi's NOTE: This title doesn't seem to be available in the US just yet. If anyone from the US or any English-speaking country knows about the licensing, please don't hesitate to inform me. Thanks.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.30.2003)
Spy of Darkness Revamped
Just when you think tentacle hentai could never get more disgusting, you are presented with this. Yoni introduces a new breed of multi-limbed horror—one that has thorns and a whole lot of blood. Macabre doesn't begin to describe the imagery that can permanently stamp itself in your brain and you might thank the fast forward button for being such a good buddy. Don't think that that's the only scenery available, though. There are regular H sequences as well. The bald female monks featured here are insatiable beyond fantasy. And since they're led by a man with a penchant for setting aside duties in favor of sex, you'd never run out of quivering flesh. Not to mention, new "mouthpieces" for your titillation. Think Orgy Training, Kama Sutra, plus more breasts that can fit an entire screen. Yoni is definitely boobier than your regular h-anime.

Our leading characters, molded from the same banana as the Spies of Darkness, are not the slow-down-let's-think-about-our-strategy-first kind of girls. They just barge into the enemy's camp and just kick whatever ass they see. But they have nothing to worry about, since their gadgets conveniently save their hides like Batman's utility belt saves his. I'll introduce them now before somebody calls me rude. Heh. There's Sakura (Sakurako?), the elegant priestess with an unlimited supply of ofuda and shikigami. Then Yuka, the martial artists and the group's resident brawn. Last but not least is the signature nerd whose name I've never heard being called. Not that I'd remember any of their names after writing this anyway…

I'm not quite sure what to make of the story. The villain head may seem to be adamant about his cult's goal at first, but he turns into a blundering idiot when offered a new possible fuck. Not that he wasn't a crybaby mama's wuss to begin with. Ditto with the only other guy in the anime. Fortunately for me, the other guy, an unsightly doctor with an impossibly huge pot belly, doesn't get to be as lucky as most h-anime uglies. He just provides us with a bit of a comic relief, which is quite a welcome element considering the entire plot is pointless enough as it is. Spy of Darkness had more coherence when it came to story flow.

The so-called legend was never fully explained. The unconscious woman, whom we assume to be the God Mother of the head villain, never had a background. She just exists to make so many hospital patients suffer by indirectly turning them into sex fiends with spiky tentacles. There are also a few characters that you might think are significant but actually aren't. Like the orphaned Shiori, for instance. They're just there to pump up the agents' emotional gauge as well as provide the perfect excuse for more fornication. I see them more as a source of confusion than anything else.

Saving graces? The art and animation; what else is there? Everyone's so beautiful that even the bald ones look good. You'll just have to deal with the occasional tub of lards they put into the equation. Other than that, I have no complaints in this department.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 7 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 10