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Creamy Angel Volume 1 Creamy Angel Volume 1 Creamy Angel Volume 1 Creamy Angel Volume 1

Creamy Angel
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Title: Creamy Angel
Windows 95/98/2000 (still works on XP since I'm on XP); Mac OS 7.5 or higher
Manga Credits: 2000 JAST USA

Cover Description: The incredibly erotic collection of master Japanese hentai illustrator Mashitaka is available now on this beautiful CD ROM image collection. Featuring the first half of the artist's acclaimed adult anime images, these excellent erotic CG works are presented on this CD ROM in 100% uncensored form, with no mosaic or "black outs." All files are provided in their original full-size format, so you can use them as wallpapers, posters, or anything. With hundreds of megabytes of fascinatingly erotic artwork, the Creamy Angel collection is a treasure for serious hentai fans.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.08.2005)
A fascinating classic.
Seeing Mashitaka's earliest works is like a trip back to the 90s, when I had just begun dabbling in Photoshop. Except, I don't think I'll ever have one-fourth the talent that this guy has. Anyway, to begin viewing the contents of the CD, open your Windows Explorer or your Run command from the Start Menu, and double click (or select) the file Start.htm. This will open up a web page on your browser that will ask you first if you can legally view the files or not.

Once you enter the main page, you are given a list of galleries. There are 7:

  • Minty Angel - I noticed that they're all dressed in Playboy Bunny (or Cat) costumes that range from sweet to S&M-esque.
  • Breast Milk 1 & 2 - Yup, it's all about mammary fluids as well as flying semen.
  • Service 1 & 2 - As the titles suggest, these two have the conventional stuff that men dream some women would do to them. These feature blow jobs, tit-fucking, or simply just girls with dildos posing for your personal viewing satisfaction.
  • Saturn Collection - At first I wondered what this could contain. I did a double-take when I entered it. Is this gallery about Sailor Saturn? The girl in various seductive poses sure looked like it. 'Course the gallery's title should have said it all.
  • Sketch Works - My favorite gallery. There's something about Mashitaka's hand-colored art that makes me think of words like "air", "light" and "sky". Very nice.

After viewing the pictures, you may want to click on other options like JAST USA's catalogue or their website link. Or, you may want to check out Mashitaka's interview. The question and answer portion is pretty short, but it's quite interesting. He talks about how he started, his preferred tools, his style and his favorite artists. One must consider, however, that this is an old CG collection—we're talking 90s here—and his tools back then are already outdated now. What I like best are his tips for aspiring artists. They're really inspirational.

Creamy Angel Volume 1 is composed mainly of fan art or doujin works, some of which are based on existing characters from anime and videogame titles like Ah! Megami-Sama, Saint Tail, Sailormoon, Street Fighter, Urusei Yatsura and a lot more. Many of his "models" are original and they aren't less appealing than the girls you've already known on TV.

Most of these were inked digitally and while the artwork is beautifully reminiscent of the classic 80s and 90s—some resembling the works of known hentai artists like U-jin and Hiroyuki Utatane, as well as the renowned mangaka Rumiko Takahashi—the coloring on some of the images look primitive. Perhaps it's because these were done in the early days of digital ink and painting? Nonetheless, you'll see how his digital coloring improves as you peruse every gallery. The drawings' workmanship, of course, remains constant.

Art: 8 Story/Plot: - Characters: - Ecchi Level: 8