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The Erotic Anime Movie Guide

Title: The Erotic Anime Movie Guide
Author: Helen McCarthy and Jonathan Clements
Overlook Press
Genre: Documentary
Credits: Overlook Press, ISBN 0-87591-705-0

Cover Description: Discusses the various forms of erotic anime including sex comedies, tentacles, gay erotica, and much more. Also includes an A-Z listing of over 200 adult anime titles. Illustrated.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

David Gibbons
Intelligent look at Erotic Anime
This book, Written by Helen McCarthy and Jonathan Clements, provides an excellent overview of the art and business of erotic anime, and it's relationship to Japanese AND Western societies.

Of particular interest are the discussions on the content of the anime as it is effected by Japanese attempts at censorship by various groups and institutions.

Some other general topics : Shojo, Shonen ai, Cream Lemon, Go Nagai, Urutsukudoji,Western media & Government reactions,Erotic Female archetypes, Erotic computer games, and U-Jin.

Minus - You will probably not get sexually excited reading this book.
Plus - you will understand a lot more about Erotic anime, and perhaps some more about Japan and the West.

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