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Hot Tails Hot Tails Hot Tails Hot Tails

Hot Tails Manga
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Title: Hot Tails Manga
General Hentai / Fantasy
Toshiki Yui
Manga Credits: Eros

Cover Description: Toshiku Yui's stunning MangErotica series comes packed with a sizzling sextravaganza of hot and lusty tales featuring illicit sex, bondage, she-males, and more of the well-rendered, over-the-top manga action.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (02.03.2002)
The best of so many worlds...
This series is by far the most utterly hilarious h-manga I've ever read! I especially enjoyed issue number 10, when a certain little "creature" got mad and bit something that was intruding on his domain (figuratively speaking, of course). Gads! What imagination! Hot Tails consist of a bunch of wacky sex-crazed people, each with a different story to tell. So far there are amazons, doctors, students, stalkers, a Santa Clause (yep, you read me right! And he's right smack in the middle of a desert too!), a human reindeer, good-looking demons... Oh, were we supposed to talk about the level of perversions? Sorry, I thought we were talking about the characters' professions. ^_-

This is an absolute hentai-fest for those who feel they have to relieve stress through one way or another. They have a queer idea of what "special" means. It usually pertains to something extra. So if they tell you that there's something special about this particular character, prepare to be introduced to an additional body part that could make the word "three-way" take on a different meaning. There are also rather graphic interludes between major stories and these shorts don't really have any particular plot in them. Just a good deal of wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am scenarios that don't really make sense—or aren't supposed to make sense. Incest, lesbian love, hermaphrodite love, and many other gadget fascination syndromes are sprinkled throughout all 10 issues. And since they love reunions so much, wherein characters from past issues meet up somewhere between volumes 1 and 10, a grand reunion ensues at the end of the series. This time, in Hot Tails Special Edition, you get to meet at least 2 characters from every book that has been released in one big orgy!

A few questions will tickle your fantasy as you peruse through the comic books. For instance:

    1. If you had an identical twin who feels exactly what you feel, wouldn't it be interesting if the bond were so powerful that you feel horny whenever she does too? So if you want to feel like humiliating your sis, you can always... Hmmm... How come we don't all have this ability?
    2. I have a question, though... if two hermaphrodites have sex, which parts of their bodies do you think is experiencing the most pleasure? I mean, they have two genitals and all....

Well, Hot Tails isn't really as thought provoking or as pretty as Hiroyuki Utatane's or Tenjiku Ronin's works, but they definitely have their uses other than the obvious.

WARNING: Issue #6 is puke material. If you've got a sensitive stomach regarding mutilated body parts, I suggest you lay off this one. Then again, maybe you'd be glad to know that what you might be seeing is actually just a dream.

Art: 7 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Ecchi Level: 9