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Lust Lust Lust Lust

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Title: Lust Graphic Novel
Tenjiku Ronin
Manga Credits: Eros

Cover Description: Take an incredibly dark and twisted trip into the nether regions of the human libido in Tenjiku Ronin's LUST! Insatiable vixens enter a dreamy world where fantasy and reality blur into a raunchy rapture beyond words!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (02.10.2002)
One word: Bizarre!
Unexplained circumstances that are beautiful in their strangeness—it's like exploring the layer between the subconscious and the conscious. Here you will be in touch with shadows, memoirs of youth long gone, ghosts, hallucinations, astral projections, inner voices, animus, anima, and so many elements that are ingrained in the human psyche. It's a whole new dimension.

Lust is 9 issues of Twilight Zone experiences. Some stories are tragic, some just filled with cynicism. But most importantly, it's a journey to the supernatural, wherein supernatural isn't defined by otherworldly encounters, but rather a journey of the mind. Must be the psychologist in me that got excited in trying to understand what goes on in the author Tenjiku Ronin's head. Somehow, I can't shake the feeling that many of these stories have deeper symbolic meanings. Like a sensory perception trick wherein your brain struggles for a moment as it tries to makes sense out of a confusing scenario, but ends up accepting the way things are (whether logical or not).

One particular volume that I really appreciated for its depth was Cages (volumes 5 and 6), because how the mind defies the body is played out so well, providing an insight to the beasts and beauties inside all of us. This is not to say that the other stories aren't as good. In fact, all of them impart an eye-opening atmosphere that makes one wonder about endless possibilities.

The sex is graphic. Very graphic. In fact, I wouldn't recommend this title to somebody who hasn't been exposed to other forms of hentai material. But what's awe-inspiring about Lust is how Tenjiku Ronin's surrealistic artwork and light brush strokes makes eroticism a dreamy experience.

Art: 9 Story/Plot: 10 Characters: 9 Ecchi Level: 9