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Sexcapades Manga
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Title: Sexcapades Graphic Novel
Author: Jiro Chiba
Manga Credits: Eros

Cover Description: Being a scriptwriter may be one helluva hectic job for Mitsunari, but "getting to work" with an extremely well-stacked nympho like Hotaru might very well be the ultimate job incentive for him!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Nibel (02.16.2002)
Do scriptwriters really get laid this often?
If you're looking for a job, you might wanna try your luck as a scriptwriter. Our friend Mitsunari here has just experienced the ultimate job perk—and her name is Hotaru ^^ Indeed, office affairs can't get any more satisfying than this...

But what's really interesting in Sexcapades is the way the author, Jiro Chiba, attempts to deliver all the raunchy goodness of straight sex with a fairly engaging plot. Of course it's not all "work" (or play perhaps?) for Mitsunari and Hotaru—there are other characters that also want their share of "quality time" with our main man. And Mitsunari's efforts in balancing these "priorities" makes for some pretty nice plot twists ^_-

Chiba's art is fair enough, though it may lack ample detail and exaggeration for the discerning hentai manga fanatic - but I think the sex will pretty much cover up for it ^_-. The translation seems pretty much casual as well ^_^. The plot as I said, is quite interesting (I might've actually said "endearing" here, but it depends on what you're after for in a hentai manga right? ^^). While it isn't exactly the hottest hentai manga pick ever, it's definitely worth a peek ^o^

Art: 7 Story/Plot: 9 Characters: 8 Ecchi Level: 8