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Silky Whip
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Silky Whip

Title: Silky Whip Graphic Novel
Author: Wolf Ogami
Manga Credits: Eros

Advertising Description: Manga whiz OH! GREAT gives a brand new meaning to debauchery in Silky Whip. The name of the book tells you what you're in for, and the name of the artist says the rest!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Nibel (03.02.2002)
It's difficult to review this one...I'll start with it's obvious merits first
The artwork: definitely one of the more detailed ones out there...sure the characters are nicely drawn, but something else might catch your attention - be it the nicely rendered backgrounds, impressive costume designs, meticulously rendered "devices" (of which there are a lot, btw), etc. In fact, the art could very well be the first thing that keeps you flipping through it page after page ^_^

Fairly creative plots: Entertaining enough to a degree, though only a few of them (there's rarely more than 3 parts to a certain story, btw) might actually leave an impression ^^; Interesting enough to get you started on reading, and then it leaves everything else to the sex scenes ^^; (w/c aren't too bad as well, but, as I've rated it, it's an acquired taste)

And on everything else: not bad really ^^; translation's pretty ok ^^ and lastly, I guess what's good about unique and multiple plots is that there's always a totally different (perhaps even refreshing) feel to the series as a whole, which in turn might cater to various tastes ^_^

Art: 10 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 6 Ecchi Level: 6