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Silky Whip
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Silky Whip Extreme

Title: Silky Whip Graphic Novel
Author: Wolf Ogami
Manga Credits: Eros

Skysenshi's Description: You've never known the word "debauchery" if you've never read anything like Silky Whip...and whoops...They did it again! This time with more feeling.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Nibel (03.18.2002)
OH GREAT....another one ^^;
One difference between this and the first series is that this one has more interesting stories - be sure to check out the impressive "Junk Story" and the PeterPan and Wendy spin-offs...also, those who've been looking for a continuation of issue 6's Messiah will
find the next installment in issue 7 of this series.

Art's still as great, if not better. The sex had a naughty upgrade, but it ain't the same for all issues. And what is it with these extended series nowadays? Almost all of them include dickgirls (SWex has a lot of them btw). Does this mean that shemales =
"extreme"? Anyways...

Though I gave this one fair ratings, I honestly suggest that you try other new titles that are unfamiliar to you. If you're new to OH GREAT's work, I recommend you don't pass this one up. Hardcore fans of the old series would prolly be pleased with the new one, though I think for some it'd be pretty much more of the same ^^;

Art: 10 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Ecchi Level: 8