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Spunky Knight Spunky Knight Spunky Knight Spunky Knight

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Title: Spunky Knight
Kozo Yohei
Eros Comix
Genre: Action

Hentai with His Head on Fire's Description: In the fantastic land of Elbalm, lusty, busty Phaia is an aspiring bounty hunter with a unique curse - she has a sex drive ten times that of even the horniest nympho! Not a problem, Phaia - if you want gobs of sex action before, during, and after your adventures, we'd be more than happy to oblige! Cum-shot action galore!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Hentai with His Head on Fire (06.12.2001)
New Definition of Sex Fiend
Holy cow! I've never seen so much flying liquid! Cum, cream, juice, whatever you want to call it, it's all over the place in this h-manga. Phaia seems to excrete her fair share too. In one issue she cums so hard she lactates. Is that normal? Am I not pleasing my woman enough?

Oops... get my sex life out of this. Anyway, our adventerous Phaia seems to find sex in all the right and wrong places. She's even mastered the ability to have sex in the middle of combat. However her partner... er, victim... rarely survives the encounter.

Phaia is interesting on the eyes. Very stacked but has the appropriate pudge that goes with it and I applaud Yohei for it. The art is pretty good and the storyline is just enough to keep the sex in line. The dialogue overall is fairly humorous and it's a well put together series.

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