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Slut Girl
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Slut Girl

Title: Slut Girl
Eros Comix
Genre: Comedy

Cover Description: A hot series from talented pen of manga whiz Isutoshi. Watch the wild and totally uninhibited kinky adventures of the sultry Sayoko, a.k.a. Slut Girl, as she more then lives up to her name!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Nibel (08.26.2001)
Perfect for the hentai neophyte ^_^
Want a nice hentai manga starter? Try this one. Good old straight sex...where else can u find it but in this title. Not really for the "naughy tentacle" fanatics. Drawn by Ishitosu, the art is nicely drawn and reader-friendly; no pools and puddles of squirty and squishy stuff here (not much exaggeration but the bodies are pretty ok ^_^); and the plot, though lacking real storyline appeal, is simply humorous. This seems like one of the newer hentai titles...As of now I've only seen 6 issues; and maybe some of you who might've liked the manga like me felt that it was a bit too short...all in all this is clearly one of the better titles I've seen.

Art/Animation: - Story/Plot: - Characters: - Ecchi Level: -

Life (02.13.2002)
In the end, we all wanna "feel good."
I read the roar on "female empowerment." And I also believe that a woman with self-worth isn't a bad thing. It's only when women use men for punching bags and slaves when I start complaining. Needless to say, works like "Love Hina" and "Ranma 1/2" (See Otaku Fridge for reference) are at the bottom of my lists.

Back to my review: Slut Girl is a nice piece of work, but the title is deceiving. Sayako Bizen, our main heroine, is not really a slut. She's more like a user; using her wits and her skills more than her body. And she's quick to take her revenge and make it sweet as well.

I felt sorry for poor Satoru, though. On a good day, he gets exhausted from either the sex, Sayako's spending habits, or both. On any other day he gets beaten up. He's probably just another one of those "Keitaro types" going through their blessing/curse.

Art/Animation: - Story/Plot: - Characters: - Ecchi Level: -