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Secret Plot
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Secret Plot Deep

Title: Secret Plot Deep
Eros Comix
Genre: Adventure

Hentai with His Head on Fire's Description: One series was not nearly enough to contain the outrageous exploits of our two cum and quim-craving beauties, so NeWMeN upped the ante with Secret Plot Deep! Filled with more incredibly slutty cum-drinking, gang-banging exploits from Miki and Mayumi, Secret Plot Deep adds cross-dressing, sex slavery, and a slew of kinky extremes to the lewd and lusty mix!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Hentai with His Head on Fire (06.12.2001)
More of My Favorite Schoolteachers
Ah, my teachers are back! Those hot sexpots from the first series have returned. The artwork is still topnotch and the stories are just as hot. NeWMeN, try as he might and in my opinion, had to dredge a little for this series.

It starts off the same. Our dear Miki fantasizing again about a nice gang-bang with a group of her students. Things turn from there. Mayumi comes across a young girl that seems familiar only to find out that it's in fact a guy, Yuri, disguising himself as his sister. Things couldn't be left off like that, could it? With Mayumi? Hell no! What happens? Mayumi decides to teach Yuri what it means to be a woman. Here's where my opinion steps in. My ass is exit only. Yuri's isn't... in fact it quickly becomes his fetish and he returns to Mayumi as her willing slave.

Miki, on the other hand, boosts the ego of one of the more picked on students in the school. Kazu has got to be a breath of fresh air in the h-manga community. Sure, we've got perfect people having sex, but finally the picked on, slightly overweight, not overly-hung guy gets some... and gets some... and gets some. Major applause here of NeWMeN! 'Bout time the underdog got laid, eh?

And what would a Secret Plot series be without our old friend Masaki? Yup, he's back as well. Surprisingly there's more character developement as the relationship between him and our two favorite girls is explored in length with a friendly trip to the beach. It really gets deep when Mayumi gains amnesia and Masaki is the only one who she can turn to. How she lost her memory and how she gains it back I'm sure you can guess but you better read it just to be sure.

Overall an excellent series. My personal opinions was the only thing that brought it down from the 5-paws it should deserve.

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