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Secret Plot
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Secret Plot

Title: Secret Plot
Eros Comix
Genre: Adventure

Hentai with His Head on Fire's Description: Japan's best-selling erotic comic of 1995 will astound you with NeWMeN's savory linework and unbelievably nasty imagination! Follow the torrid tag-team action of Miki and Mayumi, two incredibly oversexed schoolteachers, as they take on the super-well-endowed student body and each other with their unbelievable imaginations, dildos, butt-plugs and more. These two can't get enough - but that doesn't stop them from trying!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Hentai with His Head on Fire (06.12.2001)
I Wish I Went to this School!
Ah, Miki and Mayumi, the two stacked heroines of our tale. How I wish they could teach ME a few things. I'd work for that extra credit, believe you me.

But enough about my sick fantasies. Secret Plot has got to be one of the greatest h-manga series I have been able to get my hands on. The art work is both incredible, incredibly detailed, and quite lewd. Believe it or not the character developement is actually there and not everyone drops their pants. (Plenty of the scenes only take place in their minds.) However don't think that drops this story any. Oh my no.

From the beginning with Miki's wet dream to the last issue with Miki and Mayumi's tag team job on poor Masaki, Mayumi's student with the foot long dong (sorry, it rhymed), this series is full of these hot women doing nearly anything you can imagine. When they can't find some willing student (hard to believe) they turn to each other.

I highly recommend this series? Why? Because I'm a pervert and I like the sex. (*grins*) Also the dialogue (outside of the sex) is actually quite humorous in it's own way and the two teachers actually become more then just drawn hotbodies. They become people... people with insatiable needs but people none the less.

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