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Title: Temptation Graphic Novel
General Hentai / Fantasy
Hiroyuki Utatane
Manga Credits: Eros

Cover Description: Give in to Temptation in this collection of Hiroyuki Utatane's best-selling MangErotica series, featuring three intense, taboo-shattering stories plus a special FULL COLOR pin-up section! Totally uncensored, impeccably rendered work written and drawn with dazzling and dynamic style from a true blue MangErotica master!

In "Alimony Hunter," Chizuru is a quiet young woman, married to a distant, older man. But when she cums across Jun—a beautifully alluring stranger—things really heat up! And has darling Jun ever got a surprise up her skirt for her eager young friend—a surprise Chizuru is more than willing to match when their torrid twosome becomes a steamy threesome!

In "Mirror," Yuka just can't keep her mind off Akira—a devilishly handsome, switch-hitting young man—who just happens to be her best friend's lover! And when she gives in to her desire (and you know she will!)—it's going to be a no holes barred orgy of erotic exxxcess like you've never seen before!

And in the fetish-laden finale, "Crimson," we see inside the decadent and debauched world of a lonely young man, who uses his gorgeous android sex slave for some utterly unforgettable scenes of bondage and perverted pleasures—a searing display of totally over-the-top erotic action, MangErotica style!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (01.30.2002)
Renowned hentai mangaka Hiroyuki Utatane and wife Ryo Ramiya, also a hentai (doujinshi) mangaka, must have a very interesting life, if Utatane's vividly imaginative works could possibly be a reflection of his bedroom activities. In Temptation, you'd see a wide variety of themes and atmosphere from being hilarious (Alimony Hunter), to eccentric (Mirror), and to downright creepy (Crimson). Frames that depict homosexual (both gay and lesbian) intercourse, as well as those transsexual in nature are featured in such a manner that could issue a wake-up call to anyone in the throes of lethargy. The most shocking experience, however, can be felt from Crimson, where you'd find yourself wondering if you're right in the middle of a nightmare. Read: blood, Oedipus complex, and bodily fetishes all rolled into one. And here I thought looking away was an evasive tactic I could only use in watching videos.

What makes Temptation special, though, is that all of these are highlighted by one of the most detailed artwork you will ever see in hentai print media—a trademark of Hiroyuki Utatane. He never skimps on the details, so for those of you who haven't cured your homophobia and shudder at the thought of somebody shoving his best friend down your posterior, it might be wise for me to issue a warning note beforehand. After the three-chapter reading, you are introduced to various erotic pin-ups that are rendered so expertly they can only be considered true works of art. Now, that's what I call rewarding.

If you've seen the animated Countdown series, you'd easily appreciate its print form. Alimony Hunter came out in Countdown, whilst Mirror was animated in Countdown Akira. The only catch is that you'd have to read Utatane's other works, because what I have seen in Countdown Akira (the anime) is not completely shown here. In fact, most of the stories inside Temptation have that nasty habit of leaving you hanging over the edge. But it's a good investment anyway, especially for a hentai title. Anything Hiroyuki Utatane is a recommended collector's item. Just make sure you know how to take care of your mental health, and you'll be safe.

Art: 9 Story/Plot: 10 Characters: 9 Ecchi Level: 9