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Twin Spark Girls Twin Spark Girls Twin Spark Girls Twin Spark Girls

Twin Spark Girls
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Title: Twin Spark Girls Manga
Author: Kiryu Tomohiko
Credits: Redlight Manga
Sample Scans: Illia

Description: An X-rated action comic featuring high school uniform wearing twins with an attitude. The twins often get into skirmishes with gang members that try to rape them. This is a very erotic yet comical series that packs loads of action and sex! Please note that Comics One hentai manga retain their original Japanese censoring.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Illia (07.24.2002)
I wasted 15 dollars.....sheesh.
What do you get when you mix sex, gangs, and two tough girls with penchants for getting in trouble? Meet Rina and Lena, the Twin Spark Girls! Join them for their adventures, and other short stories in this collection.

Overall, this manga left me unsatisfied. The characters are badly presented (I mean come on! You're tough enough to beat up people, but you still have the brains to purposely throw yourself into an obviously bad situation?), the plots are mind-numbingly simple, and as you go from the first comic to the last, the quality of the artwork degrades immensely.

Still, the author did try to put effort into it, as stated in the afterward, and the sex is consistently there. And, admittedly, the second to last story is kinda funny, in a strangely, semi-pathetic way. If you see this in the bookstore, don't bother buying it. Read it in the 30 minutes it takes, and leave it on the shelf.

Art/Animation: 4 Story/Plot: 3 Characters: 3 Ecchi Level: 5