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Adam:The Double Factor

Title: ADAM: The Double Factor
Platform: Windows 95
Credits: C's Ware

Cover Description: Marina and Kojiroh have returned!!!

Kojiroh's Scenario: A woman, who introduces herself as the President's secretary, appeared in Kojiroh's Office as a client. The woman's request was to have Kojiroh as her boss' bodyguard, whose life is in danger. Kojiroh took the case and went to meet President Ando... And the daughters Mika and Miki. Kojiroh asks President Ando why his life is in danger, but Ando refuses to answer... Kojiroh has been dragged into the problem without knowing the reason.

Marina's Scenario: Marina, who has been reinstated with the Cabinet of Investigation, took the case of investigating the successive murders in Japan by Chief Kono's request. As the investigation goes along, Marina finds a sole survivor, who is the daughter of one of the victims, and went to see her. Her name is Yuka. Throughout Marina's investigations, the time to decide to help Yuka or not will come... All the while serving to protect Yuka.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Bernard Su (03.02.2002 - Winning Entry, Feb2002 Contest)
From the creators of Desire...
Those who expect the same level of suspense, intrigue, and drama as EVE Burst Error had better look elsewhere. Yes, this features the EVE cast. Yes, you need to be familiar with EVE to understand what's going on here. But this isn't EVE. Not quite.

The graphics. As time marches on, so does technology. If anything, the graphics look better in ADAM than in EVE simply because it's newer. The artwork, to put it simply, is outstanding, and the detail and highlights that go into the smallest thing, such as hair or even cigarette smoke, are superb. The character designs of the EVE cast haven't changed all that much, except for new tastes in clothing (Kojiroh still dresses rattily, though), and the new characters look just fine. ADAM also uses the higher-quality Lucid Motion 2 engine for its animation sequences, and it shows.

Sound effects and music haven't changed all that much from its predecessor, as the game still relies on MIDI sound, but none of it is really annoying, just mediocre. You'll either start tuning it out after a while or simply shut it off. There's still voice acting in the game, though except for Chief Kono, none of the original VAs from EVE are back. There's nothing really wrong with the new group, though, and the VAs for the new characters do an above-average job, but there's something just slightly off with the original characters from EVE. If you never played EVE before, you probably won't notice it.

ADAM has adapted the "Touchable View" mode of gameplay, which has its pluses and minuses. Instead of a bunch of choices sprouting up at the bottom of the screen, you move your mouse cursor around the screen and click on whatever you wish to interact with. The upside is that this gives the player a sense of greater interactivity. The downside is that it's just that, a sense, and you'll probably be better off with the old "choice list". This is only compounded by the fact that despite having the mouse highlighting something important, sometimes you can't really tell where or what to click to advance the game, and all you can do is to simply click over every square inch of the image before you finally discover the right spot. And, when you boil it right down to the basics, there's not really much difference between highlighting and clicking an object on-screen and highlighting and clicking a text choice at the bottom of the screen if you get the same results, which you do!
The good old Multi-Sight System that allows you to swap character perspectives still exists in ADAM, and it still can drive players crazy by trapping them in one character until they figure out that they have to switch to the other one to trip a flag point to proceed with the story.

Which brings us to the story. And that opens up a whole can of worms. The translation of ADAM was being done at a time when Himeya USA was about to collapse. And eventually Himeya USA did fall, stalling the translation project for a long time. Somehow Himeya Japan completed the translation and the port and decided to release ADAM anyway without any script revisions and barely any beta testing. And it shows. Misspellings and grammatical errors abound throughout the story, and some sentences have to be read twice or even three times before they can be understood. The mangled English isn't all that incomprehensible; you just have to put some extra effort into deciphering it. And it does get the story across, which is important. That brings me to the story itself. Somehow I can't really reconcile these characters with the same ones that appeared in EVE. Sure, what happened in EVE was a tragedy that must have influenced all who were intimately involved in the incident,
but it couldn't have changed them so dramatically, could it? I just feel that the characterizations of the two main characters, Kojiroh and Marina, were off in a subtle way, and I can't really say why. I can only say "it's not like them to be like that". And the plot itself squicks me. It leaves a myriad of unanswered questions and dangling loose ends. And the sequence that appears after the credits roll simply begs for a sequel.

The extras are the standard fare, a music hall and a CG gallery. Nothing more, nothing less. No replays for the animation sequences, though, which is a big BOO!

So what can I say about ADAM? In itself, it's not all that bad if you can tolerate the flawed English, and those who missed the sex in EVE Burst Error will be happy with the graphic depictions in ADAM. And those who haven't played EVE Burst Error might find it interesting. But as a successor to EVE, it falls short. Now if only someone can translate EVE: The Fatal Attraction, which includes both ADAM and its sequel in one game...

Art/Animation: 10 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 7 Sounds: 8 Gameplay: 5 Ecchi Level: 8