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Critical Point Critical Point Critical Point Critical Point

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Title: Critical Point
Genre: Bishoujo / Sci-Fi
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME
Credits: 1998 Sweet Basil, Will Japan, Peach Princess
FAQs and Cheats: Download Here

Peach Princess Description: In the early 21st century, a sudden food and energy crisis sparked World War III. Now it is the year 2037, a time of uneasy peace. A series of mysterious occurrences are breaking out on Moon Base D-02, including some bizarre behavior by the female base staff. As Captain Leiji Osumi of the Free Alliance Space Force, can you discover the identity of the saboteur and the source of the technical disturbances at the base?

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (08.19.2003)
Surprisingly Involving...
READ: I hate storybook type bishoujo games. They're generally brainless, boring, and repetitive. Worse, they have no actual gameplay. I amuse myself with clickathon bgames because consoles don't provide what self-proclaimed pervs (I am one!) need. In addition, hentai RPGs like Knights of Xentar don't come by that often. So you can see that I habitually sacrifice my sanity just to satisfy a twisted need to update this site.

Now that we've established my extreme dislike for these types of games, you can, at this instant, imagine my shock when I found myself liking Critical Point. Enough to give it a 10. The plot is so involving; I couldn't wait for the next scenario to unfold. There are 24 diverse paths, with endings that can either be stupidly tragic or hilariously rewarding. It's like playing a game of Clue (Cluedo in Asian releases). You identify who did what, where and with what weapon. And every path you take leads you to a different culprit. The fun resides in the guessing…and of course, the opportunity to jump into bed with the most voluptuous females available.

The last sci-fi bgame I played, Time Stripper Mako, wasn't as well thought-out as this one. I shouldn't be taken aback, since the story was written by Kenichi Matsuzaki. He was known for his thorough involvement on popular anime such as Macross/Robotech, the original Gundam, Orgus and Bubblegum Crisis. Critical Point really puts you in outer space, where the possibilities are limitless. The dialogues are astonishingly fast-paced for one that has intricate storylines. You don't have to make your clicking fingers bleed trying to figure out what happens next. What's more, the fast-forward button helps you run through scenes at lightning speed. The English isn't all that bad either, except for the titles of the endings. The sounds are okay but it's the Japanese voice actresses that make the experience all the more erotic.

The characters are solid. They're not simple-minded bimbos that you can ravish one moment and forget the next. You don't just empathize with them in order to get into their pants. Your sensitivity affects the path you will traverse with them. Take heed: there's enough history and secrets to uncover that will keep you connected to these women. And they are pretty! Man, are they pretty! You get to choose: Corporal Reiko Shinozuka, your computer genius "assistant"; Lieutenant-Colonel Carla Benedict, certified MILF (Mama is Looking Fine); Lieutenant Elise Triad, a sophisticated human-like android; Captain Lai Wong, a power-hungry S&M queen, Lieutenant Maretta Dias, Lai Wong's precious toy; Monica Brown, a sneaky bipolar reporter; and 2nd Lieutenant Julietta Thorndike, one of the sexiest commandos in charge of the local investigation. Choose well because the hentai sequences vary from mild—which includes peeing, oral sex, conventional humping—to severe. I mean, expect whipping, ass-fucking, and the participation of inanimate objects.

The graphics boast of exquisite 2D and 3D CG, plus real-life pictures on occasion. Watch out for the gore, though! Other than that, I have never seen any other storybook bgame that looks and feels this good.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 10 Characters: 8 Sounds: 8 Gameplay: 7 Ecchi Level: 7